All bourbons are whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon

I am so excited to announce that we will be exploring bourbon next month at our event.  Most bourbon is made right here in the Midwest about five hours away in Kentucky.  It was bourbon that sparked my love of whiskey.  I had the good fortune of visiting a distillery with my brother on my way home from my little brother's graduation from boot camp a couple of years ago.

What excites me the most about bourbon is the total organic process and rich American tradition.  There are some rules for being a bourbon and they are tied to the land and tradition.  To be a bourbon the spirit has to age in a new charred, American white oak barrel.  Some of the best bourbons come from Kentucky due to the water supply. The water is purified as it flows over the limestone producing an iron free mineral rich water that makes great whiskey.  Bourbon needs to be at least 51% corn mash. Corn is the main grain in bourbon due to the farming back in the day of Thomas Jefferson, farmers could not transport or store all of the corn they were required to grow so it became whiskey!

Some bars here in Chicago have awesome bourbon selections.  I like to frequent Rocks Lakeview for lunch and Whiskey Wednesdays when you can get select whiskey of the month for $5!  I am proud to say I have completed their two pages of bourbon selections! Twisted Spoke, a nationally recognized whiskey bar and our host for last month's whiskey tasting also has an amazing selection of bourbons and other whiskies.  I am still working on their list. It is my pleasure to go back again and again- in addition to whiskey and good beer they have tempura bacon. What's not to love? For a good list of local craft bourbons and a host of other whiskies and the option for flights and a good meal visit Lady gregory's in Andersonville.  I have spent many a good night having a few tastes and flights here.


If your new to bourbon and would like a guided tour please join Women of Whiskey next month for our bourbon tasting and education at English .  We will have a survey of bourbons hosted by a knowledgeable spirits specialist, girl talk and appetizers.  Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 4th at 6:30 pm. It's my birthday week too, so maybe I will bring some cupcakes.   Hope to see you there! Cheers!

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