Jack Daniels, Bad Ass Whiskey- Bad Ass Women

This week was our Women of Whiskey Wednesday tasting of American Whiskey, with an e.  I have to admit when Armando our sponsor suggested the Jack Daniel family of whiskies I was a little taken aback.  I had drank plenty of Jack in my day, I want new stuff.  However, Armando from Brown-Forman was more than generous with his offer and such a delight, of course he could introduce us to Jack Daniels again.

I was so glad I am an open person when I sat down to the tasting. First, Armando is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter.  He isn't only full of whiskey wisdom, he also knew answers to questions about Cognac and he is also a tequila expert.  Upon arrival we were greeted with a Jack and Lemonade cocktail  before our survey of four whiskies from the Jack family.Armando Zapata

We were introduced first to the Gentleman Jack, a very smooth, mild whiskey, easy sipping. The ladies in attendance really enjoyed this introduction to the family.  Next we tasted Old number 7, which I am fairly certain a large number of the drinking  population has had on some occasion mixed with Coke.  Let me tell you it tasted completely different and good! It was pleasantly caramel and vanilla and smooth.  Why do people mix it with Coke?   Armando also let us pass around two bottles of spirits, one before and one after the Charcoal Mellowing process, a distinct process that Jack Daniels uses to filter and sweeten the spirits. The after bottle smelled  like maple syrup, yum!  The next whiskey we tasted was the Jack Daniel's single barrel, for the bourbon drinkers in the group, this was our favorite. It was robust and spicy, but still only 90 proof so not too much of a bite.  I personally save my ice for 115 proof whiskey but Armando offered ice and also gave us a tip of what ice to use if we would like to add it to our whiskey, the larger the better  so it doesn't water down the whiskey but still opens up the bouquet.  Sometimes the alcohol can overpower the subtle flavors that we try to pull out of a spirit and a drop or two of water can help with that.  Our final taste was The Jack Daniel's Honey whiskey.  To me, this is a good mixer.  Armando told us how he made a peach ice tea and added a bottle of this for a summer party. I think it would be delicious in a hot toddy, not that I am hoping for cooler temps here.

We ended the evening with some delicious appetizers and of course some more whiskey.  The owner at Twisted Spoke was kind enough to come meet us and offer a taste of  another whiskey for comparison.  He told us how him and the owner at Delilah's have a running contest to see who can have the most offerings.  Both bars have been named top whiskey bars.

I also learned that if your drinking Jack, any variety, your in good company.  Old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra loved it so much he was buried with a bottle.  I am so glad I got to taste Jack Daniels Old number 7 again for the first time as well as the other offerings and amongst a host of bad ass women.

Hope you can join us bad asses next time, we will be discovering bourbon for the first time... again . Check out our facebook page for location and event details. Next tasting is December 4th.  Cheers!

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