Bourbon Women visit Chicago!

Fall is in the air and it's perfect time for drinking whiskey and especially bourbon!  I apologize for the hiatus but I tend to switch to tequila and rum during the warmer months of the year, good thing I live here in the Midwest so I have a good 6 months of whiskey drinking!

On September 20th, the Bourbon Women of Kentucky hosted a tasting event here in Chicago at the hidden and swanky repurposed bank, The Bedford.  We were greeted with the choice of  two classic bourbon cocktails and amazing appetizers.  I don't normally mix my bourbon, but cocktails are a good introduction to whiskies for beginners.  I chose the Lion's Tail first.  It was delicious with a hint of spice and citrus.  After our tasting, the bar was still open so I was lucky enough to have another.  Of course, I chose to try the other cocktail, The Boulevardier.

The evening was hosted by The Bourbon Women founder, Peggy Noe Stevens. Peggy Noe Stevens

She was engaging and knowledgeable about her beloved spirit, bourbon.  Our tasting consisted of bourbon, rye and a Tennessee whiskey.  We discussed the differences in smell, taste,  appearance, mash bill and  the distilling and aging process.  Peggy had a keen way of connecting women to whiskey a) being a woman who enjoys whiskey and b) relating the tasting notes to familiar things in our kitchens.  She made the experience enjoyable and fun.

The room was filled with a variety of women. I was fortunate to sit next to Kim and Jeannie of Bespoke Cuisine.  I found out that Kim had just liked Women of Whiskey on facebook that week.  They do traditional catering but also have a space for events and conduct cooking classes. We were discussing our recent bourbon dinners, theirs was sold out. Imagine that!  We are definitely looking forward to working together to get some Whiskey babes in Chicago cooking with bourbon! I am so excited!  I also sat next to a lovely woman, Karen who is starting her own distillery in Carbondale. I can't wait for her to come and share some of her spirits with us.  Julia Thiel, a writer from the Chicago Reader joined our table later and gave  WOW Chicago a shout out in her article about the event. Thank you!!

I am looking forward to planning and collaborating and tasting more whiskies with the women of Chicago in the very near future.  Please go like us on facebook for upcoming events as we grow and explore.

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