Why Women of Whiskey Chicago?

Welcome! I am Hillary, the head whiskey babe of the Chicago chapter of Women of Whiskey(WOW).  I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and whiskey adventures with all of you.  I am especially excited to turn on even more women to the wonderful world of whiskey!

A couple of years ago as I was traveling back from my little brother's graduation from boot camp, my other brother and I decided to stop at the Jim Beam distillery.  I fell in love with bourbon that day. As soon as we stepped out of the car we were  hit with the deliciously sweet and intoxicating air. On the tour, we learned about the entire process and heritage of bourbon.  I loved that the entire process is all organic and all the ingredients are natural.  I think it made the bourbon taste even better after knowing that.

Since that day I have been conducting my own research with different brands of bourbon and other whiskeys as well.  I am very passionate describing my love of bourbon to people that they just have to taste it too.  After witnessing this on several occasions I decided I would start a women's whiskey group and then I announced my intention on the facebook page of a new whiskey magazine, Angel's Share Magazine.  Seems great women think alike and the owner of the magazine had already created an organization for women and whiskey in San Fransisco...rather than recreating the wheel, I graciously accepted her offer to start a chapter here in Chicago.

Stay tuned for reviews of some of the great whiskey bars in Chicago, adventures in whiskey tasting, recipes, food and whiskey pairings and all other Chicago WOW happenings.


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