Weekend Tastings...

On Friday afternoon I had the good fortune of having some free time for lunch and a little research. I finally got to stop by Twisted Spoke and check out their much talked about whiskey selection.  The list was impressive.  I was lucky enough to get a taste of some Van Winkles which I have not yet tasted.  I tried the Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year and the Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 year.  I did enjoy both. The 10 year, being a 107 proof had a longer finish and was a little more harsh than the special reserve. In addition to being smooth, both had all of the sweet, caramel, vanilla and spicy notes that I look for in a good bourbon.  I still desire a taste of the coveted 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve.

Saturday, after a short jaunt to the suburbs, I stopped in City Provisions, a Ravenswood delicatessen featuring local and sustainable items. I will not lie, my mission was to get a glass of the new brew by Greenbush Brewing, a  Belgian Wit called Loud Mouth Soup. Brewed with blood orange juice, fennel pollen, coriander and tellicherry peppercorns.  After driving around construction and being disappointed that I couldn't eat or drink because the credit card machine was down, I was leaving quite disappointed. On my way out, I was pleasantly surprised by a tasting table at the exit.  I was greeted by Brooke Saucier, the distiller at Few Spirits out of Evanston.  Ironically, my brother had just met him for an impromptu taste and chat at Haymarket earlier in the week and I went on the search for his bourbon after hearing the rave reviews.  He didn't have the bourbon at the tasting table (Darn, guess I will have to visit the distillery!), but I did have the unbelievably smooth and tasty white whiskey.  I also had the gin which was probably the most smooth and intensely flavored gin I have tasted thus far. I am really looking forward to visiting the Few distillery with the Women of Whiskey Chicago         in the very near future.

Today, it's a laid back Sunday and I am doing some research at home. I am having Chai and bourbon for the first time and I will be experimenting once again with bourbon buttercream frosting for some cupcakes.  I'd love to hear about your weekend tastings and experiments this weekend. Please leave your comments below!



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