Lady Gregory's #1

I am titling this post with a #1 because I am sure to return to Lady Gregory's for more whiskey tastings throughout my tenure as the head whiskey babe here in Chicago.  They don't just give you the whiskey bible when you are seated, so be sure to ask for it. The bible has hundreds of whiskies and whiskeys to choose from, in three different tasting portions. There is also a list of thoughtful flights for around $20 or under.  I had been here before and thankfully had my notes from my previous tastings with me on my phone.

My good friend and whiskey sister, Kerrie Blazek and I chose two very fun flights, Charlie Sheen Crazy and Wild Wild Midwest.  We were feeling a little excited so we started with the Charlie Sheen Crazy flight.  We started with the Amrut Fusion, an Indian single malt whiskey, the fusion refers to two barleys, both Indian and Scottish.  This whiskey had a slight sweetness and smokey peat flavor. It was very smooth and pleasant.  Next up was Koval's Lion's Pride Millet, a local distillery up the street from Lady Gregory's. This whiskey was very herbaly, very smooth and delicious. Kerrie remarked, " it tastes like  an herb garden exploded in my mouth!" Third on the list was Trybox New Make Rye, a clear, 125 proof unaged rye whiskey. This whiskey comes from Heaven Hill Distilleries, known for their bourbons, Elijah Craig and Evan Williams.  Since the whiskey has not aged in a barrel it doesn't have the smooth, sweetness that aged whiskeys have, this one burned!  This is not a sipping whiskey, but probably good for mixing into cocktails. The last taste in this flight was my favorite, Glenmorangie d'Or 12. This is a single malt Highland Scotch, it was very smooth with hints of vanilla and it had a nice spicy finish.

Our second flight, Wild, Wild Midwest had four whiskeys hailing from Midwest distilleries in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana.  Since we really enjoyed the Koval spirit in our first flight, we decided to start off with the Koval Lion's Pride Dark Oat. This whiskey was like a dessert, velvety smooth all the way through. It tasted like cherries and maple syrup and it was our favorite of this flight and arguably the entire tasting.  Next we tried the Redemption Rye, this has a floral essence and a bit of a bite on the tongue. It is young, aged only about 2 years and has a high proof of 92.  We loved the Death's Door White Whiskey. Death's Door was sweet, tasted like almond and had a very smooth finish, very enjoyable. Our last taste in the flight was Templeton Rye. We really smelled and tasted the rye, like a piece of rye bread. This is a very smooth and popular sipping rye.

I really look forward to hosting some events for WOW Chicago at Lady Gregory's in the near future. The whiskey selection is impeccable and the atmosphere is delightful with private rooms available.  They also have a grilled cheese to die for.  Go like WOW Chicago on Facebook and let's get the party started!


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