Do Women Love to Hate?


Dear Sisters of Love,

Do Women Love to Hate?This is a question that has been posed to me, and I often wonder what is the best way to answer this question. If we have not been taught how to receive love,  how to give love, and how to show love, then we face the danger of displaying hatred.  Love is free to give, but sometimes hard to receive. Meaning that love is something you can't buy, we are born with love and depend on our parents, family & community to train us how to love.

Love can be taught in a variety of ways and the outcomes will vary depending on our cultural environment. Women who have been exposed to love will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Women who are taught to love unconditionally will love as God has commanded us to love
  • Women who are taught to love conditionally, will love under conditions
  • Women who never knew love, will not give love
  • Women who give love don't know how to receive love
  • Women who receive love don't know how to give love
  • Women who don't love will hate

We are taught as children how to hate, when we are not taught how to love. The opposite of love is hatred. When you don't love, then you will display acts of hatred. Women it's not too late to learn how to love. The first step to showing love, is learning how to love yourself!!! If you learn how to love yourself, and ask God to show you your purpose in life, then you will be able to value yourself. Loving yourself will allow you to focus on your gifts & talents and not envy your Sister of Love. Women who hate other women, are making the statement, they don't value their gifts & talents, and they want what you have!!!  When you love yourself, you value yourself, and will uplift others around you, and use your gifts & talents to empower other women.

Sisters of Love, let's make a conscious effort to start loving ourselves, and uplifting our sisters with words of encouragement. Each time you sow a positive seed into your Sister of Love, you will reap the benefit of tearing down the walls of hatred, and building towers of love. Let's start today by planting more seeds of love with one another, and telling your Sister of Love how much you appreciate her. Let's make a vow, that we will unite today as Sisters of Love, by respecting each other and show acts of kindness. What's your next steps to uniting as Sisters of Love?

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  • Do women love to hate?
    Is open to debate.

    It's something men should contemplate
    When taking them out on a date.

  • You are correct. I strongly believe, that women will sometimes listen to a man's point of view quicker than a women. You probably won't tell from the first date, but by the third one, you should know if she has a problem with loving herself, which will lead to problems with loving you & others.

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