Jimmy Greenfield is a really awesome guy like totally

I offer the slightest appology for the title of this blog: it has very little to do with the content (wine cartoons!). Unless, of course, we are pondering theories of relativity and the universe being holographic as they relate to the law of attraction, in which case you are Jimmy, to some degree, and you are then really an awesome guy (regardless of gender).

Ergo, being such an awesome entity, you make get a kick out of the following cartoons, which were a succesful coping mechanism for me to vent from my night job while contibuting to my day job. Now, a year later, a second chapter of "Wine Toons" are currently being supressed, and are probably not going to remain dormant for long. As I look back on these first series of "Winetoons", they still make me laugh, and so I am sharing with you in hopes that they may joy to you as well.

My final thoughts are upon you: Happy Holidays, Thank You for reading my blog, and Jimmy Greenfield really is awesome. Don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling. Yeah.


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  • My name is Jimmy Greenfield and I approve this message.

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