Wine Pairing: Presidential Candidates (Let's get political!)

Wine Pairing: Presidential Candidates (Let's get political!)

So we often talk about wine pairings. Pinot Noir accompanies salmon; Cabernet and ribeye is classic, Merlot with filet. Buttery chardonnay with lobster, bone-dry Cheblis with oysters. Sauternes and custard, perhaps. Regional wines pair best with cuisine from the same region.

Well, all that is fine and well, although many experts have begun to veer away from traditional pairings, opting for the "your favorite foods pair best with your favorite wines" school of thought. It occurs to me that there may be other ways to pair wine as well, such as with music, or weather. In the spirit of election week, I am going to attempt to match candidates with styles or varietals in an attempt to be humorous.

Please let me preface this blog by saying that I was raised by liberals, am a product of the eighties, and I fundamentally agree and disagree with facets of both (major) political parties in this country. If I offend your beliefs, please do not take it too personally. Obama has been spotted drinking beer at games, martinis at dinners, and wine when appropriate, whereas Romney is a teetotaller, so a wine blog may slant slightly left. That being said, may the best person for the job win, and may both America and the entire World be blessed.

Enough pleasantries, let's pair!

Mitt Romney: The easiest pairing to make would be grape juice, since Mitt can actually enjoy it. White or red? I think it's a resounding: white. Welches? No, I see him as more of a Juicy Juice kind of guy. Juicy Juice White Grape. But just because he doesn't personally enjoy adult beverages doesn't mean that he doesn't get it: America drinks, so Mitt is all for it. So let's do this.

For the sake of comedy, my top recommendation is Flip-Flop Pinot Grigio, because it is cheap, easy to swallow, and steely, with mixed reviews from the experts, and well, the name seems strangely appropriate. Mr. Romney spent a year or so in college in Bordeaux, but unlike every other American to ever go to Bordeaux ("wine mecca"), he was there not to enjoy the local fare, but rather to try to convince the locals to abandon their wine drinking ways to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For this reason my second recommendation is Chateau d'Yquem, a Bordeaux white dessert wine (Sauternes) which is so expensive that most people will never get to try it. D'Yquem was incidentally Thomas Jefferson and George Washington's favorite wine. Charming, sweet, and often a tad nutty, this wine changes dramatically year to year, and in many instances needs many years to improve. If former Gov. Romney decides to try these pairings - it's ok: just spit, Mitt. You might like the d'Yquem - it's actually quite presidential. I suspect that most of you considering voting Romney tomorrow either don't drink either, for similar reasons to his, or are affluent enough to pull something decent out of the cellar, like your 1996 Margeaux or Lefite-Rothschild. One thing's for sure, if he is elected into highest office on November 6th, all our favorite wineries will soon be legally considered to be people.

Pres. Barak Obama: This pairing obviously had to be reasonablly priced, so that everyone has equal access to it. Reportedly, one of his favorite wines is Kendall-Jackson Vinters Reserve Chardonnay, but I think we need something a little more universal. Since republicans are historically the "red party", and democrats the "blue", I almost steered clear of pairing Obama with a red, but in light of how well the reds in California and Washington have been all four vintages of his presidency, I think we have to go american Red, and I'm thinking something big, bold, and balanced.

That could describe Cabernet blends, or even a nice merlot, but ultimately I am compelled to pair him with a Washington Syrah, such as the l'Ecole 41 from Columbia Valley, because they are what's been considered up and coming, and many of us are expecting big things, but many people are still rightfully and anxiously awaiting the fullest extent of what good may be to come. The wines have been better and better, as has the economy, social climate, and likewise the Washington Syrah have been better and better, but struggling to find their way into the hearts of critics and consumers, and not always as awesome as we the public were hoping for. But I believe that a recent vintage Washington Syrah may be just the perfect pairing tonight, or tomorrow, and that it may just impress you once you give it a moment to breathe.

My other recommended pairing is quite different, but it is South African sparkling wine, and although I'm admittedly not a big fan typically, it is reportedly what was popped open and enjoyed by Obama and his staff when he was first elected president in 2008, and will likely be the choice of his cabinet again tomorrow, if he is able to keep his job. Graham Beck NV was the specific choice four years ago. Incidentally, there is a winery in South Africa called Obama of Africa, but it has nothing to do with "our Obama".

The bottom line is that, as an American, I wish the best for our nation. I want schools to receive propper funding to teach the next generation adequately. I want those who are striving to better their lives and the lives of their families to have sufficient opportunity, while a balance is maintained ensuring that all Americans can count of their country in times of need. I want everyone to pay their fair share of taxes without anyone being unfairly taxed.

I personally think that abortion should be the choice of every woman, and I believe that evidence exists that supports low crime rates resulting from more children being born into situations where they are "wanted", rather than "unwanted". I think it's great that we are trying to help other countries over-seas, but I hope that we continue to improve our conditions are situations here at home as well. Most importantly, I am certain that if we all come together to better this country and world, that better will ensue. In that spirit, may the best man for the job prevail, and may light be shed upon the best wines! Cheers!

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  • I wanted to pair Gary Johnson with Oregon Pinot, for many reasons, but this blog was getting long and confounded, perhaps lacking direction or concise thought, so I cut it short...

  • If the wineries are incorporated, they already are legally people.

    BTW, if Romney is elected, even Mormon Democrats may start drinking liberally.

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    Mormon democrats? Hahahahaha! Have another shot.

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    17% of Mormons are Democrats.

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