Let's Talk Wine!

Let's Talk Wine!

This is my first blog, and I hope for feedback so that I can cater this blog to those who read it, and most importantly to those who can benefit knowledge I've accrued studying, working with, and enjoying wine over the course of nearly two decades.

I have a web-site called theswirler.com, and I review lots of wines at all various price points, offering non-biased reviews and recommendations, but clearly I don't just want to echo that here on ChicagoNow, because that resource is already available, and this should be more locally minded. So I aspire to relate and share great wine information such as free tastings, memorable or knowledgable clerks, places or wines that I wouls steer clear of, and basically just Chicago annecdotes from a cork-dork.

I am presently a waiter at an upscale steakhouse downtown with a great wine list, and this puts me in the right place at the right time to taste some pretty phenominal wines fairly often. I have put together wine lists at restaurants, as well as designed and stocked private cellars for collectors. I can be reached personally at corythewineguy@yahoo.com if any of you have suggestions, comments, questions, or just want to say "hey". I look forward to sharing here on ChicagoNow, and have been very impressed with how informative and fun some of the blogs on here have been!

In this first blog, however, I will leave you with some wine tidbits, and to those of you who know quite a bit about wine already, it will enlighten you to my palate and please accept my appologies if the information is rudimentary. One thing I am very big on is value, so I will share some of my top picks for low prices, and talk a bit about what I like about them. Organic wines from California are typically a smart buy, although be cautious of new or unestablished producers who are jumping on the bandwagon for sales, and whom have not taken the propper steps to produce good juice.

Bonterra and Frog's Leap are both excellent producers, with Bonterra being the much more affordable. Bonterra's Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon both drink like much pricier, highly rated wines. Ukiah Cellars is an organic producer from Northern California's Mendocino County that has a phenomonal Zinfandel (with 1% Viogner, an aromatic white grape that is sometimes blended in small portions, usually into top Syrah in France or Shiraz (same grape) in Australia).

At well under twenty dollara a bottle, the Ukiah Cellars and Bonterra wines are certainly worth trying. Also, with the winter coming, I recommend full bodied red wines, most generically Cabernets, Zinfandel, and Rhone wines to warm up the palate and the body. A producer who is reasonablly priced that has been consistantly putting out great wines from the last several vintages is Rodney Strong. This is broad statement, but everything from their light whites to their full bodied Meritages that I've tried have all been excellent.

And lastly, I am a huge pumpkin beer fan this time of year, and I will be dedicating my next blog to this years releases. A sneak preview: my favorite, hands down, is Pumpking, by Southern Tier. Everything else fell way short of it (that I've been able to find).

Well, thanks for being with me for the innaugural blog, and I am excited moving forward! From me to you - cheers!! Have a great weekend!

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  • Welcome to CN Cory, I'm looking forward to reading your blogs! I'm a huge wine fan, however not quite the expert you are, so I'm looking forward to learning from you!

  • In reply to Tara Scalzo:

    Thanks so much! I'm loving the community :) thanks for checking out my first attempts, I hope to grasp this whole blog and tweet thing soon lol

  • I'm like Luke Skywalker and you are Yoda. I have much to learn master. Teach me how to stop being a classless wine ho that drinks Barefoot Pino Grigio from the big bottle.

  • In reply to Nicole Knepper:

    young grasshopper..

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