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Gay Marriage Will Be THE Illinois Moderate Litmus Test

There is very little doubt regarding the political leanings of a majority in the State of Illinois. It’s a solid blue state with an overwhelming number of voters identifying themselves as strong or lean Democrat which is ever growing even beyond the stronghold of Chicago. Yet, even with this statistical advantage, the state elected Republican... Read more »

Governor Quinn "Unleashes" His Social Media Campaign

Mock Graphic
Nothing explains to the working poor of Illinois, the state’s pension issues, like an old white guy in a suit. That is apparently the Governor of Illinois approach despite the inclusive message from the recent election. Their highly touted and hyped social media campaign has begun, and a quick check of this website and video... Read more »

Who won and lost in Illinois (the unreported results).

Elections have consequences and none more so than in Illinois. While the obvious places of change (State House & Senate and Congressional races) became clear throughout Tuesday night, the less obvious is becoming clearer everyday after. Losers: Tea Party of Illinois: It is too premature to call the Tea Party in Illinois dead, but it... Read more »

Breaking: Two Former Illinois Politicians Charged with Corruption.

So the SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act wasn’t enough news, now we have this. Former Cook County commissioner Mario Moreno and former 25th ward Alderman Ambrosio Medrano (who was previously convicted with a felony in late 1990′s) have been charged with corruption ending U.S. Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald’s tenure with a bang. In 1996... Read more »

Ok the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is legal - now what?

Within seconds Republican GOP took to the Internet calling for a full repeal, undoubtedly a rallying cry for Tea Party activists who have been dying for something to get excited about. If you fall in that category, look for this sudden anti-ACA movement to be tampered down quickly after the donations start to die down.... Read more »