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Gay Marriage Will Be THE Illinois Moderate Litmus Test

There is very little doubt regarding the political leanings of a majority in the State of Illinois. It’s a solid blue state with an overwhelming number of voters identifying themselves as strong or lean Democrat which is ever growing even beyond the stronghold of Chicago. Yet, even with this statistical advantage, the state elected Republican... Read more »

Now IS the time to politicize a tragedy. Make a stand to prevent the next Newtown.

Photo: Flickr User Sunset Parkerpix / Creative Commons
I know people want you to be quiet and reflect and not politicize this tragedy, even our President’s spokesperson Jay Carney declared today is not the day to have those discussions. So I ask if not now, when? Twenty children died today, is that not enough to spark serious debate on curtailing military style weaponry... Read more »

Who is the next Joe Moore?

Watching today’s debate on the Infrastructure Trust proposed by¬† Mayor Rahm Emanuel got me thinking, since Alderman Joe Moore is now the Mayor’s supporter – who is going to be the next Joe Moore? Anyone who watched the political landscape over the last 20 years of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s tenure knew to lean in... Read more »