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Your Email Might Not Be Private Under New Proposed Illinois Law

Update: The bill was sent to the Subcommittee on Special Issues (EX) – Members in the Senate with a May 31st deadline.  (If you want to contact your state Senator now would be the time). While you should always separate work from personal, for efficiency sake and to sometimes just be a better employee you... Read more »

Governor Quinn "Unleashes" His Social Media Campaign

Mock Graphic
Nothing explains to the working poor of Illinois, the state’s pension issues, like an old white guy in a suit. That is apparently the Governor of Illinois approach despite the inclusive message from the recent election. Their highly touted and hyped social media campaign has begun, and a quick check of this website and video... Read more »

10 Lessons Learned from the Most Recent Election

Low turnout isn’t all bad: no lines to vote, quicker returns, and you get to see where the diehard voters reside in each precinct. It also teaches you some new truths. Lesson 1: Chicago Democrats are not the problem for downstate conservatives, it is apparently all Chicagoans. The conservative leadership in Illinois has been preaching... Read more »

Chicago Remap: Incumbent Protection or Community Transformation

It happens only once every ten years but has profound effects on communities of interest in the City of Chicago. An effective ward remapping isn’t just about jobs for currently elected officials, but jobs and development access for entire communities. It isn’t just about being able to elect politicians that share your race, but to... Read more »

Cook County Is Opening Its File Cabinets; Are You Looking Inside?

The much-anticipated Cook County redesigned open data website was launched last week — let the floodgate of citizen activism begin. Of course, when I say much-anticipated, I am referring to a small select pool of people who get excited around datasets or those who blog and tweet about open government. These people are more likely... Read more »

No You Can't Be My Friend! Missouri Bans Student/Teacher Social Media Connections

So our neighbors to the southwest have passed Missouri SB54, a bill that (as promoted) protects children from predatory teachers. While the bill is chock-full of child sexual abuse prevention measures, what it is getting the most attention for is its apparent ban of teacher/student contact on social media platforms. The law reads: “Teachers cannot... Read more »

Let's Get Ready to Rumble: Illinois Senate Back in Session

In the blue corner from Moline, Illinois and representing the 36th District: Senator Mike Jacobs. In the red corner from Lebanon, Illinois and representing the 51st District: Senator Kyle McCarter. Gentleman, we want a clean fight, no kicking or biting, no referencing apparent family conflict of interests, and no running off to the capitol police.... Read more »

Illinois House Passes Link Card Photo Bill for "Those People

The Illinois House passed HB161, a bill requiring all Link cards (the state of Illinois ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program delivery mechanism) to include a photo of the benefit recipient. Sponsored by twenty-nine House Republicans and carried by Representative Chapin Rose of the 110th District, the bill passed 64-48 and is now headed for the Illinois... Read more »

The Biggest Upset of the Chicago Elections

While national attention on the 2011 Chicago municipal elections is squarely on the victory of Rahm Emanuel as Chicago’s new mayor-elect, a little-known candidate has quietly defied the establishment by pulling the biggest upset of the night. Ameya Pawar, a 30-year-old Northwestern University program assistant, will become the first Indian-American to become a Chicago alderman... Read more »