Springfield Enters Bizarro World - Where Pregnant Moms Must Be Stopped!

You come to expect strange when discussing the politics of Springfield, but today's debate and subsequent votes took it to a new level.  Give credit to the Illinois GOP for not caring that it is an election year, but you have to question who is running the party after today.

The fact that that Representatives of the Illinois Republican Party were declaring on the floor of the House that "Buy USA" efforts fail and that we should be more concerned about Australian trade agreements, wasn't even the most surprising argument.  No that award goes to the debate and subsequent vote against pregnant moms.

Illinois HB 8, a bill sponsored by Rep. Mary Flowers would require employers to provide responsible accommodations to pregnant moms. Apparently that is something controversial.  It shouldn't be. The party of family values should have been lining up to support a bill that expands benefits to moms who wish to still work while pregnant. Instead the needs of the business community came first.

See making a business provide assistance to pregnant mothers would cost business potential productivity. That extra break she may need, that limitation on how heavy of boxes she shall have to carry, or even just allowing her to get an extra drink of water would result in productivity loss and while each Representative stated they support mothers, one by one they came back to the reliable "What about the business"?

The bill doesn't place undo burdens on business, in fact it requires them to only provide pregnant moms the same accommodations they would provide other employees that say have a sore back. What world do we live in that suddenly protecting mothers-to-be becomes a controversial subject? Going to start calling the state capital Dleifgnirps.

The bill eventually passed the Illinois House and heads to the Illinois Senate on predominantly party lines.

See which Illinois legislator voted against pregnant moms today here:


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