Governor Quinn "Unleashes" His Social Media Campaign

Nothing explains to the working poor of Illinois, the state's pension issues, like an old white guy in a suit. That is apparently the Governor of Illinois approach despite the inclusive message from the recent election. Their highly touted and hyped social media campaign has begun, and a quick check of this website and video tells you how quickly it is going to last.

Bad graphics, check

Confusing color scheme, check

Multiple fonts, check

Red hallow text on a blue background making it virtually impossible to read, check

A cute loveable orange python straight from a Disney movie, check

Stock photo of a child looking up in which exact direction is unclear, check

obnoxiously long hashtag, check

Town hall announcements that end with: Dates and details to be announced soon., check

Header titles that manged to use the words: Malfeasance and Monkey-business, check

A white old business man in a suit pretending to be scared of a cartoon snake, check


Ok, I take it all back. This thing does have a chance to go viral...but not for the reasons it was made.





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