Breaking: Two Former Illinois Politicians Charged with Corruption.

So the SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act wasn't enough news, now we have this. Former Cook County commissioner Mario Moreno and former 25th ward Alderman Ambrosio Medrano (who was previously convicted with a felony in late 1990's) have been charged with corruption ending U.S. Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald's tenure with a bang.

In 1996 Alderman Ambrosio was convicted of taking a bribe from an FBI agent to start a series of arrest from Operation Silver Shovel, the 9-year federal investigation into public corruption. What would make him get wrapped into yet another federal sting is beyond me. Hey nothing says 25th ward street cred like a second charge!

M&M's indeed - how prophetic Phil Mullins:

When will this end?

(For all of you wondering... former Cook County Commissioner Mario Moreno IS NOT related to current Alderman Joe Moreno)




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    Excellent use of bold and capitalization, sir.

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