Ok the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is legal - now what?

Within seconds Republican GOP took to the Internet calling for a full repeal, undoubtedly a rallying cry for Tea Party activists who have been dying for something to get excited about. If you fall in that category, look for this sudden anti-ACA movement to be tampered down quickly after the donations start to die down. The reason, of course, is that numerous aspects of the Affordable Care Act are quite popular with the public. In fact the one major aspect of the ACA that has a majority disapproval was the individual mandate (a concept pushed by then Governor Mitt Romney). An inconvenient truth that the Romney campaign will loathe to keep rehashing in the media and one in which Obama for America will relish in reminding the public. Having the supreme court uphold the constitutional validity of the mandate section of ACA and what we can only imagine was months of planning for a ACA benefits PR plan - the public perception will only further improve.

The Supreme Court did clarify one aspect of ACA in regards to the funding for state Medicaid. Under the majority opinion, the court ruled that Congress couldn't reduce previous Medicaid reimbursements for not enacting new aspects of ACA. While a boon for some of the states run by conservative legislatures, it will hardly have an effect in Illinois since we are likely to enact all aspects that come with new funding anyway.

Now that the bill is going forward, good government groups have a new process to watch:  how this bill gets enacted n Illinois.  We can already see the private sector (including insurance companies) lobbying for a piece of the new health care pie, expect those efforts to significantly increase going forward.

A great info-graphic about the ACA and public opinion by Bill Rapp at Third Way:






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  • Now what?

    A couple of things, which will probably not matter to those enthralled with statist control of lives, or whose income, including a good many social workers, is dependent on other peoples money --i.e. taxes.

    No matter what happens to ObamaCare, revoked or not, this idea that Congress can (and will) tax anything is a road that will lead to them doing exactly that. So look for all sorts of interesting developments, such as a Fatty Tax, a Green Tax, etc., with the "fines" or taxes going either to the government or to private concerns.

    If left to stand, ObamaCare will drive private insurance out of the marketplace and move health care into the total province of the Federal Government, where the individual will have no recourse whatsoever.

    Sure, some aspects of the ACA are popular already with the public, and why not? They are not fully paying for them; it is every other policy holder that has to make up the difference. There is no free lunch -- not in the real world.

    Again, this will not, I imagine matter to you, Kyle, as the more money derived from other people to pay for others -- and dare I say for salaries and consulting contracts-- will be a fatter income for social workers and those who turn eating french fries into a political statement.

    Congrats. You've hit the Government Stash Lottery. Hopefully, you or your parents or grandparents will not get seriously ill and be not be denied care based on the "worth" to the people, the collective.


  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thank you for your concern regarding my family, I too hope they don't get ill. Considering three of the people who you referenced concern for have pre-exisiting conditions, I am happy to say with the SCOTUS decision they will never have to worry about being rejected access to purchasing insurance from a private for profit company.

  • In reply to Kyle Hillman:

    You are so correct, Kyle. They will not have to worry about insurance coverage from private-for-profit company; they will have to worry about the thumbs down FOR TREATMENT for the same from the government, when it goes to single payer.

    If you think that that does not happen, where single-payer is the way of the nation, I want to borrow your rose-colored glasses.

    As I said, the the victors go the spoils. Social workers, and those who thrive on other peoples money, can enjoy their time in the sun -- until that is outlawed.

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