Chicago NATO Journalists on Twitter You Should Follow

So the end days are upon us, it is officially NATO season and the City of Chicago is literally boarding up their windows and shutting down businesses in preparation. Security firm alerts, eight foot high perimeter fences, a shoot to kill fly zone and a LRAD Sonic Sound Cannon. A Cannon!

How can the city possibly survive the endless onslaught of thousands of protestors determined to destroy Chicago?

Protestors like the National Nurses United, the largest association of nurses whose devious intentions include healthcare accessibility for all.

Wait...what? Who let these people in here?

In fact a run down of the who's who of protesting groups include Iraq war veterans, union employees, immigration rights activists, mental health clinic activists, groups fighting home foreclosures, antiwar groups, and even circus clowns armed with whipped cream pies.

Oh sure there is bound to be someone who decides their best tactic is to throw a rock from one of the city's numerous potholes through a bank window, but the overwhelming majority of protestors coming to Chicago are nonviolent activists who seek a better city, better country and a better world.

However Gandhian protestors hardly make the news (and since I am confident law breakers will get plenty of coverage) here is my growing list of independent twitter profiles you should be following:


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  • I am kind of curious why you think journalists should follow these OWSers? They are not meaningful to the national discussion, after all.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I disagree they are not meaningful to the national discussion. The idea of the 99% vs. 1% has been co-opted into campaigns, literature and news reports across the country. You may not agree with them, but they are dictating the conversation in so many ways. One only has to watch the Chicago news to see that.

    As I mentioned, traditional media sources will have no problem reaching mainstream media - this is a list of people doing a good job of covering NATO protests. (Some of which have opinions I don't share - but I do appreciate a competing idea).

  • In reply to Kyle Hillman:

    Occupy is dictating only the conversation amongst themselves --if they do not have their capitalistic ear- buds in, or can hear each other over the drum banging-- and with panting regular news outlets who think it is 1968 all over again.

    We have heard the Occupy Message. It is the same as the basic Democrat message: "gimme".

  • In reply to Kyle Hillman:

    What I mean is that so far, for the past two years, all these left-wing protests have resulted in no action. No one in politics has done a single thing as dictated by OWSers. OWSers have not succeeded in turning their often lawless, violent, mean-spirited protests into any concrete action. Protesting just for protesting does not further goals.

  • Our founding fathers knew what to call it. Freedom to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    No one wants a violent protest, but what's even worse is police-state repression masquerading as keeping the peace.

  • Oh, gawd, who wants to follow brain-busted journalists, who hope to have some trumped-up glamour from the NATO Know-All's slide off onto them?

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