Chicago Homicides Up 47.1% or Only 2 - Media Manipulation in Chicago.

Congratulations, you are living in the golden age of media manipulation and I bet you are not even appreciating the master class.  Chicago homicides spiked by 47.1% over April 2013, shootings up 65%, but if you opened up the news today you will likely see none of that. Instead the city awakened to yet another... Read more »

Springfield Enters Bizarro World - Where Pregnant Moms Must Be Stopped!

You come to expect strange when discussing the politics of Springfield, but today’s debate and subsequent votes took it to a new level.  Give credit to the Illinois GOP for not caring that it is an election year, but you have to question who is running the party after today. The fact that that Representatives... Read more »

In Illinois, Religious Groups' Best Deal Is On The Table, Up To Rep. Greg Harris To Call.

Update: Bill was called today. Congrats to all involved. Another step towards true equality. Illinois House Votes to approve Gay Marriage. Illinois owes alot to Rep. Greg Harris. THANK YOU! Being a politician isn’t easy. Just ask IL State Rep. Greg Harris, the man charged with the Herculean task of carrying Illinois’ marriage equality bill... Read more »

Your Email Might Not Be Private Under New Proposed Illinois Law

Update: The bill was sent to the Subcommittee on Special Issues (EX) – Members in the Senate with a May 31st deadline.  (If you want to contact your state Senator now would be the time). While you should always separate work from personal, for efficiency sake and to sometimes just be a better employee you... Read more »

Gay Marriage Will Be THE Illinois Moderate Litmus Test

There is very little doubt regarding the political leanings of a majority in the State of Illinois. It’s a solid blue state with an overwhelming number of voters identifying themselves as strong or lean Democrat which is ever growing even beyond the stronghold of Chicago. Yet, even with this statistical advantage, the state elected Republican... Read more »

Now IS the time to politicize a tragedy. Make a stand to prevent the next Newtown.

Photo: Flickr User Sunset Parkerpix / Creative Commons
I know people want you to be quiet and reflect and not politicize this tragedy, even our President’s spokesperson Jay Carney declared today is not the day to have those discussions. So I ask if not now, when? Twenty children died today, is that not enough to spark serious debate on curtailing military style weaponry... Read more »

Illinois Has A New Conservative Blog, So Why is The Headline Contributor the Democratic Governor? (Updated)

It has been a head scratching week for supporters of Democratic Governor Pat Quinn following the rather questionable “grass roots” social media campaign featuring  Squezzy the Python. Now we have one more thing to ponder, why is the Democratic Governor of Illinois the headline contributor of a new conservative website apparently funded and led by... Read more »

Governor Quinn "Unleashes" His Social Media Campaign

Mock Graphic
Nothing explains to the working poor of Illinois, the state’s pension issues, like an old white guy in a suit. That is apparently the Governor of Illinois approach despite the inclusive message from the recent election. Their highly touted and hyped social media campaign has begun, and a quick check of this website and video... Read more »

Who won and lost in Illinois (the unreported results).

Elections have consequences and none more so than in Illinois. While the obvious places of change (State House & Senate and Congressional races) became clear throughout Tuesday night, the less obvious is becoming clearer everyday after. Losers: Tea Party of Illinois: It is too premature to call the Tea Party in Illinois dead, but it... Read more »

Breaking: Two Former Illinois Politicians Charged with Corruption.

So the SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act wasn’t enough news, now we have this. Former Cook County commissioner Mario Moreno and former 25th ward Alderman Ambrosio Medrano (who was previously convicted with a felony in late 1990’s) have been charged with corruption ending U.S. Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald’s tenure with a bang. In 1996... Read more »