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The State of Illinois: Sad

Governor Pat Quinn will deliver the State of the State speech to the Illinois General Assembly tomorrow. Good luck Mr. Governor. Sure the Governor can talk about the mighty Land of Lincoln with its abundant natural resources and the dynamism of Metropolitan Chicago. Of course he can play up the airports, highways, rail lines and Chicago’s world... Read more »

Illinois Government's Broken Culture

The core problem facing Illinois state government is the corrosive public service culture in Springfield. Elected officials are a big part of the problem but at least we put a few of them in prison from time to time. The worst culprits are the appointed leaders of various departments in the vast and overwhelming state government... Read more »

The Windy City YR's first blog post

Each week, I will be posting two new columns. Of course, anything fun or interesting that I find for your viewing pleasure will be shared anytime I discover it. However, my perspective will be reserved for Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday posts will be dedicated to state and/or local politics. The Friday edition will be all about the national... Read more »