Real State of the Union: 2014 Edition

President Obama will deliver the 2014 State of the Union speech tonight. The speech is expected to touch on income inequality, healthcare reform and immigration policy among other issues.

The State of the Union speech is always highly political, overly optimistic, silent on the real controversies of the day and meant to advance a couple key initiatives.

These speeches are used to advance a political agenda rather than deliver a true assessment of the state of our nation.

Last year, I listed a variety of statistics that I believe should accompany every State of the Union speech. Trends are more important than a static number alone; however, those numbers say a lot by themselves.

Here is current data on the United States, thus its state of the union:

  • United States Population: 317,429,380 (approximate)
  • Population Growth Rate: 0.7%  (slowest growth since the Depression era)
  • Population Below Poverty Line: 46.5 million people (15% of the population)
  • Jail Inmates: 744,500 (2012)
  • Prison Inmates: 1,483,900 (2012)
  • Adults under Correctional Supervision: 6,937,600 (2012)
  • U.S. Life Expectancy: 78.7 (40th in the world according to the U.N.)
  • Average Age of U.S. Citizens: 38.5 years old
  • United States Gross Domestic Product: $16.86 Trillion (3.07%) (Nominal/2013 Q3)
  • United States Real Gross Domestic Product:  $15.839 Trillion (+1.65%) (Nominal/2013 Q3)
  • Real GDP Growth Rate: A quarterly annualized growth rate of 4.1%, compared to a long term average annualized growth rate of 2%.
  • Per capita GDP: $51,704 (IMF) or $50,700 (CIA) [range of 6th - 8th in the world]
  • Inflation Rate: 1.5% average monthly rate in 2012
  • 2012 National Revenue: $2.77 trillion
  • 2012 National Expenditures: $$3.45 trillion
  • 2012 Deficit: $680 billion
  • Current Total Debt: $17,261,485,887,733.09 (1/23/14)
  • Current Total Debt Held by Public: $12,271,772,069,152.60
  • 2013 Deficit to GDP: 4.1%
  • Total Debt to GDP: 107.7%
  • Public Debt to GDP: 72.8%
  • Health Expenses to GDP: 17.2% (2012 marked the first decline since 1997)
  • Total U.S. Exports: $2.079 trillion (Jan - Nov. 2013)
  • Total U.S. Imports: $2.514 trillion (Jan - Nov. 2013) **Trade deficit is $60 billion better than the same period 1 year ago.
  • Top 5 Trade Partners: Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany
  • Immigration: Appx. 40 million foreign born people currently reside in the United States  [About 17 million are naturalized U.S. Citizens]; 757,434 persons naturalized and over 1 million people became legal permanent residents in 2012. A total of 58,179 persons were admitted to the United States as refugees and  29,484 individuals were granted asylum, including 17,506 who were granted asylum affirmatively by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and 11,978 who were granted asylum defensively by the Department of Justice. The leading countries of nationality for persons granted either affirmative or defensive asylum were China, Egypt, and Ethiopia.
  • Emigration: Approximately 6.32 million American citizens lived abroad as of 2009 (48,000 persons per year leave for a variety of reasons)
  • Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.: 11.7 million in 2013 according to Pew Hispanic Center. (28% of all immigrants)
  • Deportations: 368,644 individuals in FY2013 (59% were convicted criminals) The leading countries of origin for those removed were Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
  • Labor Force: 154.937 million
  • Employment-population ratio: 58.6%
  • Civilian labor force participation rate: 62.8%
  • National Unemployment Rate: 6.7% (Jan 2013 about 10.35 million people officially)
  • Youth Unemployment (age 15-24): 16.3% 
  • Underemployed and Unemployed combined: 22.3 Million (13.1%)
  • Bankruptcies: 1,107,699 (-12.2% from a year earlier)
  • U.S. Properties in Foreclosure: 1,361,795 (-26% from last year)
  • U.S. properties started the foreclosure process in 2013: 747,728 (-33% from last year)
  • U.S. Birth Rate: 63/1,000 (lowest in 100+ years)
  • U.S. Death Rate: 8.39/1,000
  • Total Fertility Rate: 2.06 children born/woman 
  • Active Military Engagements: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and military advisory rolls in Jordan, Uganda, Mali and Chad.
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Living with HIV/AIDS: 1.1 million

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