The Day After Memorial Day

Yesterday, we took pause to remember the lives of those who have served our nation in uniform and paid the ultimate price. We recalled their families and the sacrifice they had to make for the sake of our entire nation.

What about today?

We head back to work today, going on about our business, feeling good that we paid tribute to our national heroes over the weekend.

To truly embrace the full meaning and experience of Memorial Day, we must not only celebrate the day with sober recognition, but also keep the memories of the fallen with us throughout the year.

Many Chicagoans have family serving in uniform today or already assist a veteran in their community. If you don't have a place to contribute your time, money and attention in the name of memorializing those who serve our community and our nation, here are just a few places to get started right here in Chicago:

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation:

Chicago Firefights Union Local 2 memorial page:

The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

USO Illinois

Operation Homefront or

Yellow Ribbon Support Group:

Find your Local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post

Volunteer or donate today.

This is an incomplete list to be sure. If you know of a great non-for-profit, charity or service organization doing great work for member of the military, police, fire or first-responders, feel free to leave a comment and let everyone know.

And to all those who serve as well as all those to support them and their families, a heart felt thank you today and everyday.

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