How was the 2009 stimulus money spent?

Remember the $800+ billion stimulus plan proposed by Democrats and passed by Congress in 2009? It was supposed to rapidly jolt the economy out of recession and into sustainable growth. Nearly 4 years later, unemployment and poverty rates remain persistently high while GDP growth and family incomes fail to keep up with rising prices for essential products.

The debate about the effectiveness of the 2009 stimulus bill will continue, including in my next post. However, do you know how your money was spent?

Here are some of the highlights of how stimulus funds were dispersed. All of this information is available for you do review on your own at

Total funds used: $779 billion

Tax benefits: $290.7 billion (37%)

Contracts, Grants and Loans: $248 billion (32%)

Extra entitlement spending: $240.7 billion (31%)

Total individual tax breaks:$236.2 billion

Transportation and Infrastructure spending: $37.7 billion (15% of total funds set aside for contracts, grants and loans)

Education related spending: $91.6 billion

Department of Energy - Energy efficiency and renewable energy: $14.7 billion

Research and Development grants/loans/direct spending: $14.3 billion

Administering the Recovery Act - $128 million

Training and employment services - $3.6 billion

Medicaid grants to states - $89.8 billion

Unemployment benefits - $61 billion

Food stamps - $37.6 billion

Extra money for Social Security recipients - $13.2 billion

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