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Chicago IS the 4th Most Miserable City in America...Sort Of

Every life long Chicagoan knows how fruitless it is to attempt to define our entire city in broad, sweeping terms. There are many Chicagos, not just one. Englewood and Streeterville have almost nothing in common. Lincoln Park and Rogers Park might as well be separate suburbs. Humbolt Park and Jefferson Park might as well be... Read more »

Questions President Obama Did Not Answer While in Chicago

In Friday’s remarks from Hyde Park Academy, President Obama barely touched on the epidemic of violence plaguing Chicago. Despite 1,917 homicides in our city since President Obama took office, 1,594 from gun violence, the President provide only vague proposals with no specific details to help the city deal with it’s crisis. Why didn’t the President... Read more »

Where Have You Been, Mr. President?

1,917* people have been murdered in Chicago since Barack Obama was officially inaugurated. 1,594* of those murders were committed with a firearm. Why did it take 4 years, 26 days for the President to address the ongoing crisis in his own hometown?   *Data derived from the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye homicide tracker: According to... Read more »

Real State of the Union 2013 edition

President Obama will deliver the 2013 State of the Union speech tonight, having secured a second term and seeking to cement his legacy with marque achievements. The State of the Union speech is always highly political, overly optimistic, silent on the real controversies of the day and meant to advance a couple key initiatives. As... Read more »

Reaction to Governor Quinn's State of the State Address

Governor Pat Quinn’s 2013 State of the State address was pathetically political. These speeches are always politically charged, but they usually at least spell out some of the challenges the state is facing and propose some concepts for solving them. Not this one. The governor chose  not to address the General Assembly and the people... Read more »

How was the 2009 stimulus money spent?

Remember the $800+ billion stimulus plan proposed by Democrats and passed by Congress in 2009? It was supposed to rapidly jolt the economy out of recession and into sustainable growth. Nearly 4 years later, unemployment and poverty rates remain persistently high while GDP growth and family incomes fail to keep up with rising prices for essential products.... Read more »