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The Reality of Donor States

We have all seen the stories of economic distress out of Europe in the past couple years. The European Union has been severely strained by the fiscal crises in the Mediterranean countries and the unwillingness of northern European governments to bail them out. In Spain, the region of Catalonia is considering seeking independence because they... Read more »

A Pointless Gun Policy

What is the goal of the latest firearms proposal coming out of the United States Senate and presumably endorsed by the President? Proper legislation usually has an objective. It seeks to accomplish some kind of outcome by either provoking or preventing people from taking certain actions as a way to solve an underlying problem. The... Read more »

What's Obama's Inaugural Address Tells Us

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States has been sworn in for a second term and delivered his final inaugural address. As a speech it was effective and poetic for the audience. As with most inaugurals, it lacked any lines that will live throughout the ages. More importantly, it gives us a glimpse into... Read more »

Why I am cheering for "Old Notre Dame"

College sports is totally out of hand. The very idea that college kids engaged in an extra-curricular activity generate millions of dollars for their school by using their bodies to achieve athletic excellence in team sports is crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love college football. I watch March Madness with the same interest as everyone... Read more »