Ald. Moreno's Bigoted Intolerance

1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno is denying Chick-fil-A's zoning change request because of their owners religious beliefs.

As the Chicago Tribune's Hal Dardick reported today, Ald. Moreno is denying the popular chicken sandwich restaurant's request for a zoning change as a way to stop them from opening a new Logan Square location.  Mayor Emanuel endorsed Moreno's position.

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy is a devout Christian and last week  he affirmed his belief that the biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman is also his personal belief. His family's WinShape Foundation has been known to donate money to organizations that oppose the legalization of gay marriage.

Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against homosexuals in its hiring practices or in its service to customers. In fact, it would be illegal if they did.

The chain does not use its brand to get involved in political issues.

The owner of the chain and his family have a view about gay marriage that is consistent with their religious beliefs. While their foundation is politically active, they don't use money from the Chick-Fil-A corporate coffers to get involved politically. Thus, what Dan Cathy does with private foundation money or what he says in a magazine is nothing more than his expression of free speech and has no bearing on a zoning request.

Mayor Emanual and Ald. Moreno are setting a precedent that says the city of Chicago has the right to discriminate against a business and it's owner based solely on their religious affiliation and views. If a business owner has a religious belief that conflicts with the personal faith of the Mayor or Alderman, then city hall has the right to deny them licenses, permits or zoning requests.

Chicago liberals have always said this was a city where your civil rights were protected at all costs. Apparently the Mayor and Ald. Moreno believe that civil rights are only for those who agree with them and are to be withheld from certain religious people and businesses.

If the people of Chicago are offended by something the business owner did or said, they don't have to work there or purchase sandwiches at Chick-fil-A. They can protest outside the business and encourage a boycott. Those methods might very well drive the chain and its jobs out of town.

The citizens of this city can express their first amendment rights as loud and as large as they like.

But how dare city elected officials single out and discriminate against a business because of their owner's private religious views. If this ruling stands, every church, religious institution and religiously affiliated business owner in the city will have to live in fear that the Mayor will shut them out if they dare express their free speech views on their faith.

What happens if a mini mart owner tells a TV news reporter that he opposes abortions because he is Christian or if a Muslim business owner suggests that U.S. foreign policy in the Mid East violates the Koran? Will they be denied permits and zoning requests as well because of their faith?

This is Chicago, not China. We have first amendment civil rights and Mayor Emanuel and Ald. Moreno need to look in the mirror before accusing anyone else of bigoted intolerance.

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  • Thank you for this. It is outrageous what the alderman and the mayor are doing. Their bigotry is glaring, but someone like me is the bigot.

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    In reply to siblingless:

    Glad u know who the real bigot is.... usually bigots don't realize that they are bigots.

  • Alderman Proco Joe and Mayor Rahm have leaked or jumped the gun on the national policy should Obama be re-elected. Dan Cathy may have built Chick-fil-A, at least according to him, but not the road out in front, which is the excuse Proco Joe is going to use to deny the business:

    The government built the roads, according to the politicians, and Cathy's business will generate too much traffic. Oh, yes, and Dan Cathy does not believe in gay marriage, along with the Catholic Church and other faiths, including most of Islam and Judaism.

    Of course this is bigoted action. But who cares, right? We now live in a country where the government can order you, under penalty of law, to buy health insurance, as well as forbid you to eat the chicken of certain restaurants that do not have "Chicago Values".

    Where we are headed -- faster, much faster than the pathetic and yet unbuild bullet trains.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Want a bunch of baloney... These bigots will believe anything that support their bigotry...
    1) Private industry only builds driveways and not roads.
    2) We all use the roads without being encumbered
    3) Denying zoning changes based on religious affiliation is not legal.
    4) National policy is to promote freedom and not to suppress the "rights of man" as outlined by the founding fathers ..
    5) You can buy any health insurance you would like... Try it sometime if u happen to be ill and unemployed (because u were ill).

    I bet u never have read the Health care bill nor the Tax code ... but u would probably vote for people who don't have to worry about health care and who don't pay taxes.

    Trust me I get this information directly from God... why don't u believe this??

    Try reading a book and learn something!

  • In reply to Rudy Moertl:

    Rudy, Rudy, don't be sooo angry!

    I'll try to calmly repond:

    Roads: most roads are funded by various government taxes. It is individuals and business that pay those taxes. Then private contractors build those roads. Further, many roads into subdivisions and commercial developments are built by contractors on spec.

    Zoning changes: yes, you are right. However, that is exactly what Proco Joe is doing with Rahm's blessing. So, what is your point here?

    Rights of Man: well, what is Proco Joe doing? He is denying and stamping on many rights here, simply because he does not like the way Cathy thinks.

    I am self-employed and HAVE bought my health coverage for the last 28 years, thank you. This was my CHOICE. Now, if I wanted to not buy health care coverage under ObamaCare, I would not be able to -- I will be forced to buy coverage from a private company.

    I'll be willing to bet that you --notice "you" and not "u"-- have never read the health care bill, since Congress did not, nor have you read the tax code, as even the most astute IRS agent would occupy his entire care doing so. If you have read both, then I really feel that you need to, say, read more Chicagonow blogs. They have to be more interesting -- and they are free!

    I probably vote for people who don't have to worry about health care or who don't pay taxes? You mean like President Obama?
    Nope, won't be voting for Dear Leader.

    Next time you are emailing God, ask who is going to win in November. Don't waste your time commenting to Him on me.

    Do the books you read have "you" or "u" in them?

  • I agree that the city should permit the Chick-fil-A to be built and let the people decide if they want to patronize it. If Mr. Cathy loses money he might be more inclined to recognize the diversity in society.

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Do u even know why u agree or disagree or are u not literate enough to properly state ur case...

  • In reply to Rudy Moertl:

    Uh, I'd say Mr. Aquinas is quite literate. He knows what "you" is all about.

  • It's undeniably bigoted.

    This blogger >>> <<< wants people to go into restaurants and talk about her gay friends. I wonder if she'll also be going into mosques and catholic churches to do this as well. It's easy to attack a company, not so easy when you go against the vast belief within Islam about homosexuality. God forbid she might be called a bigot.

  • Nice article. Right on the money.

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    In reply to Professor Podgorski:

    Professor of theology ... I bet!

  • I hope that the corporation litigates. Because it seems to me that the city does not have a leg to stand on. Had the alderman kept his trap shut, he could have quietly exercised is priviledge as alderman and blocked it. He could have cited any number of bogus reasons for blocking it. But now, because of his grand-standing, he probably has no means to stop it, should Chick-Fil_A choose to press forward. He is winning the race for the "Stupid Politician Award".

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    Interesting idea what trumps rights "Freedom of Religion" or the City's nondiscrimination policy? Do your rights have preference over mine? What is "Freedom of Religion" in the constitution. Given the back drop of the religious wars that went on in Europe at the time of its conception one would think the founding fathers were more concerned with halting religious intolerance which was the corner stone of the religious wars, than protecting religious rights.

  • The term "chick" is highly offensive, by the way.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    To whom? A chicken or a human woman? Chickens don't speak human, Andy, so don't worry, and the women can take care of themselves. You don't have to be offended for the chickens or the babes. Don't take on more offense than you can handle.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    wow ... u probably have'nt seen the movie "chicken run".

    God speaks to them

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    It's "Chik" not "chick". Therefore , not offensive .

  • Does anybody else find it hilarious that a blog for Republicans is telling people to look in the mirror before crying "bigotry"? Why don't you take your own advice? In fact, I can turn some of your own quotes around so they refer to you. Like this one, for example:

    "Apparently the Church and it's flock believe that civil rights are only for those who agree with them and are to be withheld from certain non-religious people and businesses."

    Pretty good mirror, right?

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    In reply to jewilson919:

    Hey watch who u call a bigot ... it might be true but this violates religious freedom... ;.) LOL

  • "Mayor Emanuel endorsed Moreno's position."

    Not quite.

    “A statement from the Mayor's office: "Sarah Hamilton, a spokeswoman for Emanuel, said that the mayor said that Cathy did not share Chicago’s values.

    “He did not say that he would block or play any role in the company opening a new restaurant here,” “If they meet all the usual requirements, then they can open their restaurant. "

    Looks like the Mayor is backing away from the Alderchild.

  • Right ON!

    I wonder if the tiny ballerina and her boy toy moreno and going to shut down the Pink Monkey or Admiral could these places hold "chicago values"???

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