Stop Lying

People don't like being lied to and patronized.

The fastest path to the dog house for a politician is to outright lie to people when the jig is up and they already know you are lying.

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried to say that the new speeding cameras that will be placed near schools and parks is about the safety of children, I thought for sure he would lose his straight face.

Every reporter in that room, every person on his staff standing behind him and every person watching at home later that night knew the Mayor was lying through his teeth.

Governor Quinn said the same thing when he signed the new law into effect for Chicago. However, if it was all about the children, why did it take him so long to sign it into law?

The tickets are $50 for going 6-10 mph over the limit and anyone caught speeding at 11 mph or greater will get a $100 ticket. If this were really about the safety of children and not the city's bank account, wouldn't you think the Mayor would use speeding ticket money to hire more school crossing guards, donate to after school programs and fund new playground equipment and park fencing? I would think that anyone who is truly all about the children would commit to donating 20% of all speeding ticket money to a fund that supports various children's hospitals across the city. Heck, why stop with speeding money? How about all red light traffic money as well?

C'mon Mr. Mayor and Mr. Governor, show us how much the children mean to you. Get creative and use this new set of fines and citizen bullying to actually help keep kids safe. I bet if you just open up the fund for these kids projects, people will start to donate even without getting tickets.

Oh, and make the yellow light 5 seconds so every driver can make a better decision and not get caught. 5 second yellow lights increase safety. Red light cameras at intersections with 3 second yellow lights increase city revenue. There is a difference. Stop lying to us.


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  • Its politics what did you expect???

  • This is so much about the children -- the children of the politicians and the connected who will benefit from the revenue that the speeding tickets bring in.

    Hey, YR, the OR's -- the Old Republicans-- who are part of the Illinois Combine, have raised little fuss, even though they can't change the matter due to numbers.

    Another RhamMadiQuinn victory that makes Chicago and Illinois just that less livable.

  • Get over yourself. Sure its a money making venture. But if you aren't speeding through school zones why should it bother you? Lying, maybe, but let's get serious here. There is no money left in the state or city budget to fund the upkeep and programs schools should be offering and have offered in the past. You don't want higher sales tax, or income tax, or pay a head tax for working in the state so, the money will come from people who willingly and knowingly BREAK THE LAW. Maybe you like to speed, I got no sympathy for you pal. If it means you have to leave 5 minutes earlier to get someplace instead of risking the lives of children, big deal. Keep speeding, the school down the block needs new windows, and better books.

  • I'd like you to consider another option for the cameras; the continual deterioration of our liberty by being tracked in every part of our life by the very government officials who took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Nail after nail is being pounded into the coffin of liberty with the passing of the NDAA being the latest by the very president who promised to reverse the evil dealings of the Bush/Cheney "Reign of Terror." Now, what are we willing to do about it?

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • The Mayor and Quinnie boy say they are saving lives!! How many children were killed in school zones by speeding cars this year??

  • Wait. The Young Republicans objected to something that Rahm and Quinn did? Strange.

    P.S. Santorum? Really?

  • Another child was killed yesterday by a falling tv set.
    I think it is about time Illinois banned them, better yet
    how about a Television Owners Identification Card,
    modeled after the gun card?
    Read the law before you comment people.There are no
    penalties attached for J walking or rioting in the middle of 79th
    street.Also I did not see any provision for fining those on bicycles
    who go more than 26 mph in a school zone. Finally I am use to school speed zones in the burbs, all of them use the term " On school days when children are present" This law has no such provision.the whole thing is about the money.Luckily there is enough time to notify convention bureaus all over the country about this peculiar Chicago law.

  • Once a liar . Rahm lied himself into the position. Why should it stop now?

  • There is one way to stop these politicians - Vote them out of office.
    No matter how long it takes, no matter how much work it might be, don't ever give up. There are people running for office who want to clean up the State of Illinois and make a difference. Take back our state by educating yourself on who is out there to clean up Illinois, and get out and vote for them.

  • I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I tell ya, that "Young Republicans" would point out a disagreement between themselves and the Democratic Mayor, Governor and Boss.

    I thought you guys were all about 'law and order" and want to protect children from the not so rare speeder in a school zone. Guess you hate the Mayor almost as much as your friends in Washington hate the President for daring to have a different vision that you do...

  • "Young Republican" Your opinion piece is a joke! If someone is driving faster than the posted limit, then they are breaking the law. In School Zones the fines should be at least double just like a construction zone. Children are present and they arevulnerable in School Zones because many times they are not paying attention. That is why School Zones are well marked with yellow caution signs, why School Zone crosswalks are well marked and why some School Zones are designated with flashing yellow lights. Everybody should be well informed by now not to speed in school zones. In some cities and towns School Zones are patrolled by the police. Just obey the spend limit and Look Out For Children in and near School Zones and you won't be fined IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

  • Really? You folks are whining about the speed cameras, as if people don't speed through lights and signs every effing day? These cameras DO deter people from ignoring these lights. I think I'll scream if i hear one more ' tard go one about their right to privacy when they are in PUBLIC. If you don't want to be seen, stay your ass in the house! Keep the cameras. They do save lives. Who cares if the Mayor & Governor are lying...again? These cameras will save more than a few lives...kid's lives.

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