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Lesser Known Chicago Taxes

 I present to you a list of actual taxes levied on the citizens of Chicago: Restaurant Tax Meals Tax City, County and State sales tax Amusement Tax Cable/Satelite TV Amusement Tax Boat Mooring Tax Bottled Water Tax Gas Use Tax Vehicle Fuel Tax Cigarette Tax Electricity Infrastructure Maintenance Tax Electricity Use Tax 9-1-1 Landline Tax... Read more »

The Ron Paul Generation

Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee for President in 2012. So what? Barry Goldwater lost 44 states in 1964 and was utterly decimated by Lyndon Johnson in the popular vote. Does that mean he did not change the Conservative conversation in America forever? Winning isn’t everything in politics. Running a good campaign, energizing... Read more »

Name the Chicago Street Gangs

Gangster Disciples Latin Kings Black P Stones Vice Lords Two-Six Maniac Latin Disciples Spanish Cobras Four Corner Hustlers New Breeds I am breaking an idiotic code that still exists in newsrooms across the country by daring to write these names in a public forum. The unwritten journalistic code was that you were strictly prohibited from... Read more »

Santorum's GOP

If it were up to Rick Santorum, the Republican Party would be the most aggressively conservative that it has been in decades, if not ever. While he did not walk the walk as a Senator from Pennsylvania, he is now talking the talk as a man with the lead in most Presidential primary polls and... Read more »

Chicago's Voter Problem

The Chicago Tribune headline was stark: “Chicago voter registration lowest since 1942.” As of Monday February 13th, about 1.28 million voters were registered in the city, according to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners. That’s lower than in 1942, the first year such numbers were recorded. In 1942, the population of Chicago was about 3.4... Read more »

Confusing Foreign Policy

Can you describe the Obama Doctrine? I can’t. I tried to figure it out. Usually, presidents do not come out with a broad statement written on a piece of paper that defines their entire foreign policy view. Rather, a trend develops in decision making over the course of a presidency that develops into a hard... Read more »

Stop Lying

People don’t like being lied to and patronized. The fastest path to the dog house for a politician is to outright lie to people when the jig is up and they already know you are lying. When Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried to say that the new speeding cameras that will be placed near schools and... Read more »