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The State of Illinois: Sad

Governor Pat Quinn will deliver the State of the State speech to the Illinois General Assembly tomorrow. Good luck Mr. Governor. Sure the Governor can talk about the mighty Land of Lincoln with its abundant natural resources and the dynamism of Metropolitan Chicago. Of course he can play up the airports, highways, rail lines and Chicago’s world... Read more »

The Real State of the Union

President Obama had a tough test this year trying to deliver a positive State of the Union speech. Regardless of who holds the Presidency, the State of the Union speech is always highly political, overly optimistic, silent on the real controversies of the day and is meant to advance two or three key initiatives of... Read more »

Best Wishes to Sen. Mark Kirk

I would like to join the rest of Illinois in wishing Sen. Mark Kirk a speedy and full recovery. He has proven himself to be a very professional Senator, always working long hours on behalf of his constituents. His service to our country as a proud member of the United States Navy Reserve was already... Read more »

The Politics of Divorce

Newt Gingrich’s candidacy should not be judged by his past marriages. There is no doubt that he has a checkered past, lined with Congressional investigations and ex-wives left under bitter circumstances. Before endorsing him yesterday, Gov. Rick Perry even tried to use Newt’s infidelity as an issue in the campaign. During one debate, Gov. Perry... Read more »

What Would Make You Leave Illinois?

The Illinois Policy Institute recently released a study showing a steady pattern of out-migration from Illinois to surrounding states as well as to the American south. The report sited several sources including Internal Revenue Service data and information from moving companies and shippers to demonstrate the movement of citizens away from Illinois. This does not... Read more »

Can Obama Learn How to Govern?

Did you see the press conference that President Obama held on Friday? He proposed eliminating the Commerce Department. It was a well orchestrated media event, worthy of the kind of press conference Presidents call in Hollywood movies. There’s the bold proposal to eliminate an entire cabinet level department, the President speaking in a forceful and... Read more »

Moody's Catching Up by Downgrading Illinois

Moody’s confirmed a reality that Illinois residents had felt for years. Our state, at least in the eyes of one major bond rating agency, is the least credit-worthy of all of the 50 United States. Illinois is now rated below other states who have big budget problems of their own if you examine their unfunded... Read more »

New Defense Strategy Will Get Political

National military strategy is something the Pentagon takes very seriously and takes many months to finalize. Military officers and civilians alike spend endless hours in meetings, consulting with each other on various threats in the world and how the U.S. should  respond. Terrorism, cyber-warfare, long range missiles, nuclear weapons, Iran, North Korea, Taiwan, Kashmir, Pakistan,... Read more »

Iowa Caucus-Goers Did Their Job

The point of the Iowa Caucus is not to crown a winner in the primary, it is to weed out those who are undeserving of going on. Iowa voters reward credibility, hard work, experience and desire. They punish stupidity, laziness and disorganization. Mitt Romney’s will, albeit by 8 votes, is significant because it sets him... Read more »