What Does a Young Republican Do on Christmas Break?

A list of activities you may have attended over the Christmas weekend at which you were likely to find a Chicago Young Republican:

Christmas Eve:

  • Football. Football. Football.
  • Counting every penny of sales tax we paid during last minute shopping on the Mag Mile, State Street or pretty much any store in Cook County.
  • Refueling at a Starbuck. I swear I've never seen the lines as long as they were on Christmas Eve.
  • Muttering under our breaths about the TSA agents with the un-tucked shirts, giggling in the corner while someone else does their real job at O'Hare or Midway as we pray we make one of the last flights home. We are just too darn busy battling corruption to leave earlier!
  • Spending quality time with the family, sharing GOP war stories from the Chicago frontier.
  • Midnight Mass...sometimes alone, sometimes with family, sometimes with that special someone. A refuge from the taxes...Oh wait, here comes the collection basket...
  • Wondering if NORAD really has so much free time that they can set up the Santa Tracker Website and if so, why not make the graphics in HD?

Christmas Day:

  • Church Services or just taking a moment to mark the birth of Jesus.
  • Opening presents.
  • Ham.
  • Turkey.
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Green Bean Cassarole.
  • Pies of all varieties.
  • Insert your holiday traditional food item here__________.
  • Derrick Rose punking out the Lakers.
  • The Packers punking out the Bears Universe.
  • Sharing more GOP Chicago war stories with relatives from out of state and always getting the same reaction: "That is sooo bad, they don't really do that in Chicago, do they?" "Yes Grandma, they are THAT hopelessly corrupt."

The Monday After Christmas:

  • Apparently its now Mega Monday? Where the hell did this come from? I was not adequately warned.
  • Maybe returning a few items...not to say anything was wrong with them per say....
  • Thinking about how much sales tax we could've save in St. Joe, Michigan if I had just bought that Amazon Kindle over there.
  • WWE Monday Night Raw wrestling at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont. It's a Republican thing.
  • Sending some thank you cards.
  • Saying some goodbyes before the trip home.
  • Getting ready for the final push to the 2012 Electi0n season.
  • Being grateful for another Christmas living in the United States, to having many of our Iraq War Veterans home and to having grate friends and family to share memories with.
  • One last Happy Birthday to Jesus.



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  • Nothing about politics, but, I suppose, that if you spent break in Chicago, as indicated in some of the items in the post, that would have been futile.

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