The Windy City YR's first blog post

Each week, I will be posting two new columns. Of course, anything fun or interesting that I find for your viewing pleasure will be shared anytime I discover it. However, my perspective will be reserved for Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday posts will be dedicated to state and/or local politics. The Friday edition will be all about the national political scene.

As with any blog, this is only fun if I can spark a conversation. If you know someone who is a hardcore politico and just can't get enough, tell them about this blog. If you know a Conservative or a Libertarian who just won't shut the hell up about Obama's mistakes, direct them here. If you want to send an intellectual liberal or a hippie into hysterics, forward them this blog page right now!. Regardless of what you feel about them, I hope I can make you feel something with my posts.

The first regular post will be Tuesday, December 20th. As with Democrat voting in Chicago, visit early and visit often.

 - The Windy City YR of Belmont Terrace

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