Mali, Iraq and a 21st Century U.S. Foreign Policy

A small, but violent group of radical Islamists emerge from remote desert enclaves to join forces with aggrieved locals and capture large swaths of land while taking control of large, historic cities. That statement is not only a summary of recent events in Iraq, but also of nearly identical events that unfolded in the central African... Read more »

We Deserve an Explanation from President Obama on Prisoner Swap

One of my pet peeves about President Obama is his lack of formal communication with the American public. Social media posts and viral videos mixed in with short afternoon press briefings are not sufficient for a sitting President. Occasionally, the American people want to hear from their Commander-in-Chief in a time of war outside of... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Gives Chicago Republicans an Opening

By the time Chicago holds it’s next Mayoral Inauguration, it will have been 84 years since the last Republican left that office. While the 2015 Chicago municipal election is unlikely to break this dubious streak, it does offer a unique set of conditions from which a Republican could emerge as a relevant player in city... Read more »

How Bruce Rauner Can Defeat Gov. Pat Quinn

Illinois is a red state with a big blue city disproportionately influencing its politics. If Illinois were any other state, or the Chicago metro was any smaller, Bruce Rauner’s Republican primary victory would have assured him a landslide win in the general election against an incumbent governor who has terrible approval ratings. However, this is... Read more »

Russia Stares Down U.S., NATO, EU over Ukraine

Russia will occupy parts of east Ukraine for the foreseeable future. How much Ukrainian territory the Russians decide to grab is in doubt, but that they will hold on to some seems inevitable. That is a statement no one would have taken seriously a year ago, but one that is a reality today partly because... Read more »

Weather and Climate Change

Weather and climate are not the same thing. It is remarkable that liberals who lament the lack of scientific education among their conservative counterparts overlook this basic distinction. Weather is the state of the atmosphere at any given place and time in terms of temperature, humidity, cloud cover, precipitation and wind among other factors. Climate consists... Read more »

Rauner, Rutherford, Dillard, Brady: 1 Month Away from Primary Day

On March 18, Illinois Republicans will select their candidate for governor to challenge Pat Quinn in the November 4th general election. A year ago the chatter was about U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock and Attorney General Lisa Madigan squaring off in a general election with the primaries simply being a coronation for both. Now, Pat Quinn... Read more »

Real State of the Union: 2014 Edition

President Obama will deliver the 2014 State of the Union speech tonight. The speech is expected to touch on income inequality, healthcare reform and immigration policy among other issues. The State of the Union speech is always highly political, overly optimistic, silent on the real controversies of the day and meant to advance a couple... Read more »

Costco vs. Walmart

Did you know that the multi-billion dollar big box retail industry has become a full blown political football? I guess I am late to this debate. Like many life long Chicagoans, I recall the fierce debates in our city about the entrance of the first Walmart back in 2006. Chicago is a “union town” where... Read more »

Will She or Won't She

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has a big decision to make. Does she take the safe road and remain the state’s top lawyer or does she risk all her political capital on a competitive gubernatorial campaign? Conventional wisdom has suggested that she will enter the Democratic primary for governor this year, carve a narrow path... Read more »