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Sox just a big tease all year

Has there ever been a more maddening team in Chicago than this years White Sox? I mean seriously. Coming in to this season the Sox looked to have all the right pieces in place to contend for a championship. Solid pitching, check. Potent lineup, check. Winable division, big check. The signing of Adam Dunn, and... Read more »

Hoping for Bears failure: Bears/Giants

I am about to pull a Rush Limbaugh. I am hoping the Bears offensive line fails tonight when they face off against the potent Giants and their tough defensive line. This may be the only way the Bears coaching staff wakes up and make changes on the line. Roberto Garza should not be playing an... Read more »

Time for Garza experiment to end

No doubt that the Bears offensive line is the weakest link on the Bears and maybe the worst in the league, and moving Roberto Garza to the center position only brings more problems. Garza is the most established and maybe the best lineman on the Bears, at right guard.Who knows what he will become when... Read more »

Bears must keep Forte in Chicago

Matt Forte has reported to training camp after initials reports stated that he may holdout. This is great news for the Bears for more than one reason. Forte has done the Bears a solid by keeping contract issues to the side, it’s now time Bears management returns the favor. The lifespan of running backs in the... Read more »

Bears make big mistake with Olsen

When Greg Olsen slipped all the way down the draft board and in to the Bears lap a few years ago I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe the super talented tight end had been passed up to the 31st pick. Olsen is a rarity. Most tight ends run 40-yard-dash’s in the higher 4’s. Olsen ran... Read more »

Fun time of the year for Sox fans

Some may say that Spring Training and Opening Day are two of the best times in baseball. This may be true for most. But for Sox fans, these next few days are the most thrilling. Kenny Williams never shys away from a deal as he as already proven this year by moving Edwin Jackson and... Read more »

The answer to the Dunn Dilemma

Adam Dunn has given the White Sox a way out by giving recent news of his sore knee. Dunn is currently providing one of the most head-scratching seasons any of us have witnessed. The $56 million man has fanned at nearly everything opposing pitchers have offered. All of us fans have tried to figure out a... Read more »

Ozzie's moves have been questionable this season

Some may be excited about this weekends series win over the Tigers, but something Ozzie did on Sunday has stuck with me more. In the top of the 9th inning A.J. had a great ten pitch at bat and drew a walk. In comes Brent Lillibridge to run, and as usual Steve Stone contributes great... Read more »

The most important baseball player in Chicago

The first half of the baseball season in Chicago didn’t go so well. On the North Side the Cubs played some unwatchable ball. At U.S. Cellular Field the Sox were even more maddening with numerous players underachieving and as a result the Sox sit in third place in the Central. As both teams struggle there... Read more »

Bulls management making all the right moves

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago many were debating between picking eventual MVP Derrick Rose, and now bust Michael Beasley with the first pick in the draft. Fortunately, the Bulls made the correct choice by selecting hometown product Rose. And as much as I applaud that pick there are a... Read more »