Time for Garza experiment to end

No doubt that the Bears offensive line is the weakest link on the Bears and maybe the worst in the league, and moving Roberto Garza to the center position only brings more problems.

Garza is the most established and maybe the best lineman on the Bears, at right guard.Who knows what he will become when moved out of his comfort zone, and it didn't seem to do much this past Saturday when the line surrendered nine sacks.

I get what the Bears are trying to do: put a veteran presence in place where Olin Kreutz once stood. But Garza can be just as much of a leader at right guard, just a foot next to the centers place. Plus, the Bears handed Chris Spencer a two year deal worth $6 million, so they must have seen something they liked from him.

Garza's departure from the right side opens up two more uncertainties on and offensive line that has more questions than answers. When Garza leaves the right guard spot we now have questions of how the replacement will play, and we still are not sure what Garza will be able to produce as the man in the middle.

Leave Garza at his usual home, and let Chris Spencer-a veteran center-do what he does best and snap the ball between his legs. The Bears must find a way to protect Cutler, and moving Garza is not the answer.


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  • Chris Spencer? At Center for the Chicago Bears? Do you know how bad Chris Spencer is?

  • In reply to IrishSweetness:

    Well if he is as bad as you think he is then the Bears made a giant mistake giving him $6 million.

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