Hoping for Bears failure: Bears/Giants

I am about to pull a Rush Limbaugh. I am hoping the Bears offensive line fails tonight when they face off against the potent Giants and their tough defensive line.

This may be the only way the Bears coaching staff wakes up and make changes on the line. Roberto Garza should not be playing an unfamiliar position. Neither should J'Marcus Webb or Gabe Carimi.

Webb, was not great last year at right tackle, but was a manageable option. He also progressed nicely throughout the season. The knock against Webb coming out of college was his lack of IQ. This may be true, so why confuse the former 7th round pick by moving him around the line?

As for Carimi, he has played left tackle since his Pop Warner days. Developing the proper muscles to hold down the left side. So here's a brilliant idea: move him from his comfort zone and let a rookie learn a new position while adapting to the high speed of the NFL. Just doesn't make sense.

I wrote about moving Roberto Garza a week or so ago and how it was a mistake. I still firmly stand by this thought.

In a sport where team unity is stressed from day one of practice, the offensive line needs the most of it. Trusting the guys to the left and right of you when you walk up and stare down the opposition is key. Doubt your fellow teammates ability to execute the play for a split second, and Jay Cutler is on his back.

Most likely what we'll see happen tonight.

When I say I hope the Bears fail tonight, I mean the line. They need to show their true colors just one more time so we can finally see the necessary changes made.

Just please, don't let our quarterback get killed.

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