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Help him smile #Chicago 2013

This young man, like many other long-term homeless people, suffers from mental health issues rather than from drug or alcohol addiction. His name is Herbert, and you’ll often find him keeping warm in the foyers at both the State St., as well as Wabash Ave. entrances to T.J.Maxx. Another place where you will often find... Read more »

Clearing the Sidewalks #Chicago Snow 2013

Merchants were out clearing the sidewalks down Wabash Avenue as early as 7:00 AM, after a winter storm dumped about three inches of snow across the Chicago region.

Cold Night 3 AM, #chicago 2013

Well, I did it. I spent one of the coldest nights this winter down on Lower Wacker Drive, and with the Alley Boys. There was a wind-chill advisory in effect, with temperatures dipping down to as low as 10 below zero. Down this alley, there is a heat vent that serves as the center hearth for a... Read more »

Man, Chinatown #chicago 2013

Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade Man waiting for the New Year Parade as Chinatown celebrates the year of the Snake. This year also marks the 101st anniversary of the establishment of China Town in Chicago. The Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade was a blast! Many people and cool things to photograph. The first large wave... Read more »