What DOES the Fox Say, Anyway?

Red Fox4

The Norwegian viral sensation song is hilarious and catchy—and dare I say, educational?

One of those games we play with tiny humans involves our delight in teaching them to imitate the noises animals make. This custom crosses cultures as a fairly universal way that we teach children to communicate.

What’s ironic is that as infants we are actually much more in tune with messages from animals than our parents. Not the SOUNDS they are making. But what the animals are really trying to communicate to us.  We are open and available to the energy from other species. We haven’t yet talked ourselves out of the idea that we’re all connected.

And so I have to wonder if this makes babies giggle uncontrollably because we are ridiculously misinformed with our “moo moo”, “quack quacks“…or in the case of this latest song, the fox says “fox says fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow.” Huh?

The Fox, in the animal spirit world, embodies the qualities of cunning, clever, adaptable and strategic. That’s where the term “crazy like a fox” originates.

There are two concepts that I will explain more in upcoming posts: the Animal Sprit Guide and the Power Animal.

An Animal Spirit Guide is an animal that appears in your life to deliver a specific message or a lesson that’s relevant to what’s going on in your life.

And I don’t mean LITERALLY show up. It’s not too often that we encounter these wild animals physically in our urban world. I'm talking about those times when you see a logo of a fox at the grocery store you’ve never noticed before. And then your kid comes home from school with a drawing of a fox, right before your mom calls to tell you to turn on “THE FOX” and check out that crazy Simon Cowell.

These animals can appear in any form, and they usually show up three or more times in a short period. They’ll find clever ways to get your attention. Don’t dismiss that recurring dream about Jamie Foxx (or Vivica). Pay attention, baby.

The Power Animal, on the other hand, is an animal that has special enduring meaning for you. Maybe it’s your favorite character from books as a kid, the animal at the zoo that really seemed to speak to you…or other special bond.

When I was little, I started collecting turtles (ceramic turtles, stuffed turtles, turtle necklaces, turtle t-shirts, turtle anything)…and to this day turtles play a special role in my life. I often turn to Turtle for advice and a comfortable, nurturing friend. Turtle is always there for me.

With that in mind, let’s go back to Fox. If Fox crosses your path, consider that it might mean it’s time for you to:

> Trust your intuition
> Listen, look and see – pay attention to your senses, let them guide you
> Use your intelligence
> Think about breaking out of your routine and look for ways to express yourself more freely

If Fox is one of your favorites—like your reliable “plus one” in the animal world—it may be your Power Animal. Fox people are keen observers of details and can adapt easily to different environments. You are one of those fascinating creatures who doesn’t mind small talk and at a party you can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone, about anything. You are intensely loyal.

The rest of us can call on Fox for assistance when we find ourselves in situations that require quick thinking or we're headed into a space outside our comfort zone. Need a savvy solution to a problem? Take a minute to ask Fox what he would do....and dance your way into the answer. And next time someone calls you a Fox, you can feel confident it's not just your beauty, but also your quick wit has made quite an impression...

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