Talking Turkey—Five Cool Facts About the Guest of Honor.

Talking Turkey—Five Cool Facts About the Guest of Honor.

There’s no shortage of Turkey chatter this week, as the mascot of Thanksgiving finds its way into parades and art projects, and on to dinner plates.

As you express your gratitude, take a moment to consider what Turkey is really bringing to the tableand impress your family by sharing one of these tidbits as you stuff your face.

1. In the Animal Spirit world, Turkey represents self-sacrifice for a higher purpose. Turkey gives its life for the nourishment of others. How perfect is that? Turkey is fulfilling its purpose at Thanksgiving.

2. If Turkey is your Spirit Animal, you are likely someone who generates abundance. You receive, you share the wealth and you are dedicated to the needs of others. All life is sacred to you. Next time, take pride when someone calls you Turkey.

3. Ben Franklin believed that the Turkey, not the Bald Eagle, should be our national bird. He felt that the Bald Eagle, who often steals his food from other birds, was not making an honest living. Rather the hard-working and courageous Turkey should hold the highest level of our respect. Even Founding Fathers knew Turkey was badass.

4. Some Native American legends tell that Turkey helped create the world, and showed humans how to raise corn and fight off evil spirits. The Hopi considered Turkey the first bird to try and raise the sun in the sky—and this is how he burnt his head. More street cred for the handsome bird.

5. When meditating, Turkey is a helpful guide when we feel overwhelmed by materialism and need to reconnect with community and receive the nourishment of Mother Earth. I'm not making this up. This has been Turkey’s work, long before Black Friday took over.

So in reverence for Turkey—say thanks and really mean it. Perform a selfless act with no expectation. And choose connection over commercialism, especially this weekend.

Yes, Turkey, some of us really are paying attention.

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