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Fireworks Alternatives for Autistic and Young Children

If you have an autistic child, or one that has sensory issues, the 4th of July can be a bit of a bust for your family. My son has always hated loud noises and can’t stand the feeling of “rockets bursting in the air,” so we have had to come up with alternatives to the... Read more »

Exploring the New Perks of the Disney Disability Pass

Exploring the New Perks of the Disney Disability Pass
Many people are still confused about the changes to the Disney disability passes that are being made on October 9, 2013. The Disney Guest Access Card, or GAC is being replaced by the Disney Disability Access Service card, or DAS. While many are still trying to claim the change is a bad thing, here is a... Read more »

Why I'm Happy About Disney's New Disability Pass Restrictions

When Disney announced they would be changing their disability access on October 9th, many people in the disabled community freaked out. They yelled and cried that Disney was robbing them of the only way they could enjoy the parks or that their disabled children were suddenly being cheated out of vacation. Personally, I breathed a sigh... Read more »

Getting Out and Having Fun with an Autistic Child Part II

Welcome to part two of my series, Getting Out and Having Fun with an Autistic Child. In my last installment, we discussed the importance of knowing limits and dealing with sensory issues. Rule #1 was to know your child’s limits and now, we move on to rule #2. Rule #2: Plan Well If your child... Read more »

Getting Out and Having Fun with an Autistic Child

When my son was diagnosed with autism in 2000, it was still a relatively rare condition. To put it in perspective, in his early years and school, I remember a special education teacher telling me that she had an autistic student once before and understood what accommodations my son would need. In recent years, this... Read more »
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