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Should Pandas and Other Endangered Species Be Allowed to Just Die Out?

An algorithm developed by Australian researchers has been making news lately and raising the ethical question of whether or not some species of animals should simply die out.  The algorithm looks at species with populations lower than 5,000 and combines risk factors together to give an outlook on the likelihood of whether or not the... Read more »

Discover Chicago's Version of Pablo Escobar's Wild Hippos

Pablo Escobar’s hippos running amuck in the Amazon made the news this week, but while the hippos may be amusing, they bring a bigger issue to the spotlight: invasive species. In recent years, other invasive species have made news in and around Chicago. Two that come to mind are the emerald ash borers that have... Read more »

The Cheapest Way to Visit Brookfield Zoo: Hidden Perks of Membership

Brookfield Zoo is one of the most popular and beloved family hotspots in Chicagoland, but it is not a cheap place to experience. Parking starts at $10 a car and admission is $15 an adult and $10.50 a kid, so the costs add up quickly when visiting with a family. After you take out a... Read more »

The Top Three Most Dangerous North American Predators

With the excitement of the brown bear that has been sighted around the Rockford area lately, people are starting to wonder what other dangerous critters are lurking in the woods and alleyways. While everyone is familar with coyotes by now, they are pretty low on the danger scale. When most people think of dangerous North... Read more »

What to see, what to skip at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is an iconic Chicago tradition, but it isn’t a cheap one. As the summer days wind down and back to school approaches, you may want to eek out one last sunny summer day at the zoo. Brookfield Zoo is huge, and it’s nearly impossible to see and do everything in one day. In... Read more »

Ten Funny Slacker Animal Photos

After the sale.
Even the animal kingdom has its share of slackers. These animals may look dead, but they are merely “resting their eyes.” These cute and funny pictures show that humans aren’t the only ones that like to slack off on the job from time to time.   Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken at zoos in... Read more »
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