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Top 5 Best Chicago Outdoor Fall Weekend Escapes 2014

With Chicago hotspots like the Shedd Aquarium hitting capacity during fall weekends, you might want to think “outside” and enjoy some of the great natural areas the Chicago region has to offer.  Some quiet time in the woods can help you regain your emotional sanity, and stretch your legs at the same time.  Shorter trails... Read more »

Should Pandas and Other Endangered Species Be Allowed to Just Die Out?

An algorithm developed by Australian researchers has been making news lately and raising the ethical question of whether or not some species of animals should simply die out.  The algorithm looks at species with populations lower than 5,000 and combines risk factors together to give an outlook on the likelihood of whether or not the... Read more »

Fireworks Alternatives for Autistic and Young Children

If you have an autistic child, or one that has sensory issues, the 4th of July can be a bit of a bust for your family. My son has always hated loud noises and can’t stand the feeling of “rockets bursting in the air,” so we have had to come up with alternatives to the... Read more »

Last Minute Chicago & Chicagoland 4th of July Activities & Events

The holiday weekend is quickly approaching, but don’t panic if you haven’t made any fun plans for the 4th of July just yet. The Chicago area offers a ton of fun and unique experiences that are slightly off the beaten path, but can be just as fun as Navy Pier. Here are 5 local Chicagoland... Read more »

4th of July 2014 Suburb & Chicago Fireworks List

Looking for local chicago fireworks? Here is a list of communities that will be hosting fireworks displays in and around Chicago and Chicagoland for the 4th of July. There might be more communities than those listed, so if you don’t see your community on this list, you might want to call and check. Antioch Date:... Read more »

5 Tips for Safely Weathering Bad Chicago Weather

With stormy weather on tap for the Chicago area tonight, it is important to know the best way to ride out storms and severe weather safely. While it is rare for tornados and other drastically severe weather to hit the immediate Chicagoland area, it does happen and you should know what to do when there... Read more »

The Top Three Dumbest Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories abound about every subject imaginable, but there are a few so incredibly stupid it is hard to believe anyone could actually believe in them. Here are the top three dumbest conspiracy theories.   1. Reptilian Shape Shifters As if shape shifters in general are not a crazy enough subject, there are fair amounts... Read more »

The Top 5 Chicago National Park Escapes This Summer

If your still looking for something to do for your summer vacation this year, don’t despair thinking everything fun is outrageously expensive or already all booked up. Instead of the typical waterpark, trip to the beach or visit to grandma’s house, you can escape Chicago and visit one of these unique and amazing national parks. While... Read more »

The Top Three Most Dangerous North American Predators

With the excitement of the brown bear that has been sighted around the Rockford area lately, people are starting to wonder what other dangerous critters are lurking in the woods and alleyways. While everyone is familar with coyotes by now, they are pretty low on the danger scale. When most people think of dangerous North... Read more »

The #1 Chicago Road Trip Destination

Other enteries in this series: #5 Road Trip Destination #4 Road Trip Destination #3 Road Trip Destination #2 Road Trip Destination #1 Road Trip Destination This is the 5th and final installment of unique and wonderful holiday weekend road trip destinations for Chicagoens. Each installment of this series has covered an unique and family friendly... Read more »
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