Top 5 Toys I Refuse to Buy my Kids for Christmas

Every year kids love to see the list of hot toys for Christmas. Christmas 2015 is no different, with a brand new crop of new and exciting toys for kids to gleefully receive from Santa. Like millions of other kids every year my kids make a list for “Santa” of things they want for Christmas. Every year, I look at that list and see items that make me laugh and say “yeah, right!” Some of the toys look like they were designed just to irritate and annoy parents, and some are just accidents waiting to happen. These toys might be on the hottest toys for Christmas 2015 list, but they are also on my no-buy list for Christmas 2015.

Here are the top five things I refuse to buy my kids for Christmas this year:

Kinetic-Sand-Float---Paradise--pTRU1-22106106dtKinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is the playdough of this generation. It is messy by nature and gets spilled and ends up in your carpet forever. I love the set that says it floats in water. It comes with a little plastic pool that is just asking for water to be spilled on the table or floor where the kids would play with it. And you know they won’t use just the little plastic pool, this stuff is bound to end up in the bath tub. Can you just imagine cleaning this stuff out of your bathtub drain?


Sky-Viper-Streaming-Drone--pTRU1-20850945dtSky Viper Video Streaming Drone

As the parent of a teenage son, I can only imagine what this would be used for. I look at this one and assume it would end with someone going to jail. I really don’t see what good could possibly come out of arming a teenage boy with one of these things, especially if you live in a neighborhood with teenage girls.


511D659D50569047F53CE9443B5C965DStar Wars Furby: Furbacca

For this one, it was like Hasbro took everything that was lovable about Chewbacca and made it creepy and scary. The original Furby’s were little nightmare pellets and this is no better, if anything it is worse! Seriously, look at those eyes. They are creepy little nightmare nuggets.


runactive-scooter-500x240Self-Balancing Scooter or Hoverboard

The kids look at this one and think “ohh fun!” I look at it and think “ohh emergency room visit!” This one is no. Just no. My kids still trip over their own feet half the time, I can’t imagine putting them on one of these and having it turn out ok. These things are like a modern day pogo stick: broken bones just waiting to happen.


Pie-Face-Game--pTRU1-21533503dtPie Face

Who on earth thought this looked like fun? Seriously, who thought this horrible thing up? It is a poorly veiled excuse for kids to make a mess. Why would anyone want a pie in the face? Why would anyone want their kids giving each other (or themselves if they get roped into playing) a pie in the face? How on earth is this popular? I love how the box says “whipped cream not included.” I can only imagine what kids would use to play if there was no whipped cream in the house. I am not the type that gets preachy about toys having educational value, but I honestly don’t see any type of value in this toy at all.

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  • The kinetic sand is the worst. I mean the kids love it and it is therapeutic for them to play with it - but there is sand in every cracker and crevice forever. The only thing worse is glitter.

  • In reply to Beth Prystowsky:

    I agree- glitter is the herpes of the craft world...

  • A hearty, slow clap for you. I'll be avoiding all of these forever.

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