Why You Should Just Stay Home Labor Day Weekend

Polar Bear at Brookfield ZooTraveling on Labor Day is a Chicago tradition. This weekend it is estimated that 37% of Chicagoans will pack up the car and take to the roads to get out of town for the weekend. While a road trip is always fun, staying home can be even better. Here are the top 5 reasons to stay home this Labor Day.

5. You can avoid all the crowds. Labor Day weekend is the time when everyone tries madly to squeeze in all the activities they missed out on over the summer. As a result, crowds are everywhere and the frustration of trying to do anything kicks up a notch. By staying home, you can avoid the worst of the crowds and still get out and have fun by scheduling your activities during non-prime times, like on Monday afternoon when most people are busy driving home. Also, since so many people are out of town, many local hotspots, like neighborhood pools, will be less crowded.

4. You can catch up on all the little stuff around the house. This is probably the least glamorous reason to stay home, but the most practical. With a three-day weekend, you can really make a dent in all those little projects that have been stacking up around the house and driving you nuts. You can play warden and get the kids to finally clean their rooms, or you can spend the day in front of the bathroom mirror catching up on your “selfies” quota. It doesn’t matter what you need to do, you will finally have the time to do it!

3. Gas is still expensive. With gas prices still above $3.50 a gallon in the Chicago area, your money could be better spent on fun closer to home. Instead of driving hours to a destination, watching your gas tank shred dollar bills, you can keep your money in your pocket and enjoy local hotspots instead.

2. You won’t waste hours of your life in traffic. We all remember that iconic episode of Married with Children where Al tries to take Peg and the kids on a Labor Day trip and they end up sitting in traffic the entire weekend instead. With estimates of 37% of Chicagoans hitting the road this weekend, you can bet traffic is going to be horrendous. Do you really want to waste 2 hours of your life sitting in mind-numbing traffic trying to get through the first 5 miles of Indiana? Wouldn’t you rather be at home, relaxing in your yard or a local park?

1. There is plenty to do at home. Chicago has been named the #2 most popular Labor Day travel destination by Priceline.com. While the weather might be sketchy this weekend, there are still lots of family friendly activities to do around town. For some indoor family fun, visit the Field Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry. If the weather cooperates, be a tourist in your own city and get down to the lakefront and enjoy all the sights along Lake Shore Drive, including Navy Pier. Or, head to Six Flags and enjoy riding the American Eagle and Viper backwards before the season ends.

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