7 Free and Fun Outdoor Wild Chicago Activities This Weekend

PelicanSpring into fun this weekend with these free and fun activities at Chicago and Chicagoland forest preserves. These events promise family fun while helping kids learn about the world around them.

1.    Willowbrook Wildlife Center: Return of the Large Predators

Learn about the return of large predators like wolves, bears and cougars to Illinois. After the program, explore all that Willowbrook has to offer. WIllowbrook provides rehabilitation services to injured wildlife and has a large selection of permanent animal residents to observe and learn about. They also have a large hiking area and excellent nature center to enjoy. Registration required for the Predator program. Program takes place on Saturday from 1:00-3:00pm, wildlife center is open year round. For more details, check out: http://www.dupageforest.com/Calendar.aspx?id=4729&startDate=4/6/2013%201:00:00%20PM

2.    Four Rivers Education Center: Pelican Pursuit

Pelicans can only be found in the wild in Illinois twice a year, and this weekend is one of their peak migration times. This free program will teach you and your kids about these curious critters, and includes a hike to try to spot these birds in the wild. Bring your camera, Four Rivers is a beautiful spot and you might get some great pelican photos. Saturday April 6th, from 10:00 am-Noon. Registration is required, but the program is free. For details: http://www.reconnectwithnature.org/calendar/events/4-6-2013/Pelican-Pursuit_S2013

3.    Sagawau Environmental Learning Center: Canyon Tours

Take a guided tour through a unique geological landmark, with unusual rock formations and plants. Individual access to this area is restricted, so the guided tours are the only way to experience this unique location. This is the only canyon in Cook County, and the nature center provides excellent exhibits and information about the area. Saturday April 6th, 1:00-2:00 pm. Registration is required for the tours, which are free. For more information: http://fpdcc.com/nature-centers/sagawau-environment-learning-center/

4.    River Trail Nature Center: Cold Blooded Crawl

Learn about turtles, snakes and frogs at the River Trail Nature Center. This program focuses on what it’s like for these critters to wake up after a long winter hibernation. The nature center provides an afternoon of fun after the program, with a puppet area, a fox den that kids can crawl into and an eagles nest to climb into. Sunday April 7th, from 1:30-2:30 PM. For more details: http://fpdcc.com/nature-centers/river-trail-nature-center/

5.    Crabtree Nature Center: Fabulous Frogs

Join this fun program to learn more about frogs and the noises that frogs make. Kids and adults can learn to identify frogs by their sounds and what they look like and search the surrounding wetlands for critters to identify. Sunday April 7th, 1:00-2:00 PM. For more details: http://fpdcc.com/nature-centers/crabtree-nature-center/

6.    Kline Creek Farm: Blacksmithing Demonstrations

Kline Creek Farm is a working living history farm, where you and your kids can learn about how life was on an 1800’s farm. Blacksmithing demonstrations will be held from 1:30-3:30 pm and house tours are given each hour. There are also farm animals to see, and a variety of farm buildings to explore and learn about. Saturday April 6th. For more information: http://www.dupageforest.com/Education/Education_Centers/Kline_Creek_Farm.aspx

7.    Blackwell: Fishing for Trout

Kids and adults alike can join the Blackwell forest preserve to fish for trout. This program will teach different fishing techniques to help you learn how to land these elusive fish. Program is free, and open to ages 6 and up. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and registration is required. Sunday April 7th, noon-2:00pm. For more information: http://www.dupageforest.com/Calendar.aspx?id=4689&startDate=4/7/2013%2012:00:00%20PM



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