Top 5 Best Chicago Outdoor Fall Weekend Escapes 2014

With Chicago hotspots like the Shedd Aquarium hitting capacity during fall weekends, you might want to think “outside” and enjoy some of the great natural areas the Chicago region has to offer.  Some quiet time in the woods can help you regain your emotional sanity, and stretch your legs at the same time.  Shorter trails... Read more »

Chicago Halloween 2014 Fall Fun Events & Activities This Weekend

Looking for something fun this weekend that doesn’t take place at a Pumpkin Farm? Get your Chicago Halloween 2014 fall fun at these 5 events and festivals held by local communities.   Haunted Forest at Oakbrook Park District From Thursday October 9th- Saturday the 11th Oakbrook park district is hosting their haunted forest event. While... Read more »

Chronological Stephen King: The Dead Zone

The next book in this series was “The Dead Zone.” I had several murky memories of reading this book. I think I was about 13 at the time, and there were several things that stuck with me, but even more that didn’t. First, I have memories of the killer in the book, Frank Dodd. I... Read more »

Chronological Stephen King Book 5: The Stand

The fifth book in this series was The Stand. If you aren’t familiar it is one long ass book, if you read the  unabridged version as I did. It runs a bit over 1,100 pages but it is a story that deserves those pages. I’m not sure how old I was when I first read... Read more »

Top 8 Most Disgusting Halloween Candy Treats You Shouldn't Buy in 2014

Back in the day, Halloween candy seemed to fall into two distinct categories: chocolate and other stuff. The chocolate stuff would range from the highly coveted snicker bars to the mostly disgusting Mound bars that would stay in your stash until all the chocolate was gone and you became desperate for your next chocolately fix.... Read more »

The Best Chicago Corn Mazes to Visit in 2014

While England may be famous for having stately, formal hedge mazes, Chicago and Chicagoland is famous for having fun and amusing corn mazes. Corn mazes usually go hand-in-hand with most pumpkin farms, but some farms put the quality of their mazes miles ahead of others. These mazes are nothing to sneeze at (unless you have... Read more »

Chronological King Book Four: Night Shift

The next book up in this series is Night Shift. Unlike the prior books, this one wasn’t a start to finish novel, but a collection of short stories. Some of the stories in this collection I didn’t recall at all, a couple were familiar, and some resulted in an “ahah” moment when you connect the... Read more »

Chronological King Book 3: Stephen King's The Shining

The next book on the list is The Shining. This one is perhaps King’s most widely famous work due to the movie with Jack Nicholson staring in it. This is a hard one for me to try to remember back to the first time I read it. I have read this book in the past... Read more »

Chronological Stephen King: Book 2- 'Salem's Lot

I don’t remember how old I was when I first read ‘Salem’s Lot. I think it was during my mid-teenage years. It wasn’t one of the first King books I read, and my memories of it before starting were blurry and a bit distorted by Callahan’s appearance in one of the Dark Tower books. Oops,... Read more »

Chronological Stephen King: Book 1- Carrie

Book 1: Carrie Carrie was the book that launched Stephen King into the spotlight. My memories of the first time I read this book are both vague and crisp. The biggest thing I remember is the book itself. It was one with a black cover and it had that vague mildew/musk type odor that old... Read more »
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