A wicked look at mental health

For starters, thank you for visiting my blog.  I am extremely excited to be working with Chicagonow.com, and you, the reader.

I put a lot of thought into what my first post would be and eventually I decided to start simply, with an introduction.  Like everything in life, this blog is a process.  A personal journey for me, and hopefully a relatable, witty, and educational journey for you.  In my experience working as a therapist, I learned very quickly how important it is to "set the frame" with the client.  This means, creating and describing a realistic preview of what therapy is, and is not.  Essentially, it is appropriately modeling behaviors and starting a relationship with the client.

With that explained, as much as this blog is for the reader, it is also for me.  Blogs are egotistical, or at least mine will be... Which is how it should be.   About three years ago, when I started posting on my personal blog (www.littlebyslowly.com), I realized how much impact I can have by sharing my human experience.  In fact, it is scary how much influence one may have with words.  One time, after publishing a particularly emotionally driven post, my friend contacted me and said, "I read your post and I'm doing it, I'm getting a divorce."  I thought, "what the fuck?"  Words matter, so do people, and so do you.  It is my hope that through my journey, you will be alongside me sharing yours.

Typically I will post mental health related issues as they happen to me, organically.  I am a bit of an observer of people, so this process usually happens quickly and with ease.  With time, you will notice that I have a very dry humor and I do not take myself seriously, at all.  You may also notice that I am very positive, and view mental illness with great compassion, which is a direct result of my previous supervisor.  For the purposes of anonymity I will call her, Lilly.  I am fairly certain Lilly is a white witch (meaning good, or positive). This is purely speculation, of course, but she has the most calming and disarming affect that is both nurturing and strong. She imparted on me many gifts, one of which is a simplistic, yet insanely empathic, view of people suffering from mental illnesses.  She helped me find myself by helping others locate themselves. Which is exactly what I want you to take away from this blog.

I want you to laugh, feel uncomfortable, learn something, and most importantly, feel inspired.  I also hope that you comment, regardless of your opinion.  It is through this exchange that stigma can start to be reduced and behaviors can be normalized.

With that said, here we go!



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    I am a 28-year-old Chicagoan transplant from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I like running, good books, and being inappropriate. I am an observer of life, consumer of information, and advocate for the disadvantaged and misrepresented. I strive to live simply, impact greatly, and love fully.

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