Friday Free Write: "Shank" from Will B.

The kids would be here any minute. It was towards the end of the semester and all Mr. Bradley had to do was make it through two more weeks. Two more weeks and then he would be free for the summer. A summer of writing. Mr. Bradley was in his 30th year teaching and each year he had cared less. It wasn't that he didn't care to teach, he loved teaching. To bring the works of Faulkner or Emerson to life for just one student was enough for him. But there was always something missing. Mr. Bradley had no Mrs. Sure there had been dates, there had been relationships, there had even been an engagement.


Mr. Bradley had once loved a woman named Kathryn. And she him. She was a professor at the local university, the one on College Hill. That was what attracted her to him, she was so smart. He felt challenged for the first time in his life. He didnt want to sound smug about it but no one ever made him feel that way before.

Kathryn died 20 years before this school bell rang.

Mr. Bradley didnt impose this celibacy on himself. He just never had any interest. But this summer, this summer he would join the ranks of his heroes. He would complete something that so many say they want to do, and he had the confidence that it would be a success. Misguided? Sure, but Mr. Bradley needed to "do" something before he died. It was this need that took his passion from teaching. He hoped that he would come back next year rejuvenated in both his profession and in his life.

Mr. Bradley stood to get the class ready. He began to write on the board today's topic. "Walden" one of his favorites. With the dry erase marker he wrote in big, capitol letters...

Jennifer was always on time to class, which meant she was usually the first one there. She was excited for today, "Walden" was one of her favorites.

"Good morning Mr. Bradley"
"Mr. Bradley? Mister...?"


Hello all, so we're back on track here. We'll have another post tomorrow and then back to regularly scheduled Tuesdays and Fridays.

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