Free Write Friday: "Patalone"

Free Write Friday is a weekly experiment where a story (personal or fictional) will be written by me in 20 minutes. Today's suggestion was 'pantalone' from Spencer S.


His britches were tight. As Miles sat in front of the stage coach, his Lord and Lady in the carrige, he was struck with a quick thought:

"Elizabeth was fetching"

Now this thought was strange on two fronts. First this was Lizzy he was talking about. Lizzy, whom though of a higher class, had been his closest friend and confidant. She wasn't like other girls, wasn't like other children in general. She was propper but willing to get dirty. One time she climbed the St.Matthews tree to the top in he Sunday dress. Lizzy was someone who didnt care and that is what Miles liked about her. She was a friend. And ecuk for that matter, a girl. Girls were dumb, annoying. Far to interested in looking for a husband and Miles being a boy of no stature was never in their sights. Thats why he liked Lizzy. Elizabeth!

Miles found himself hoping that they would take a rest soon. For the Lord and Lady to take a stretch and for he and Elizabeth to perhaps walk. There was a pool of sort at the next fork. Maybe he would suggest a swim.

That night Miles found himself awake with thoughts of Elizabeth. He never noticed before but her teeth were so straight. He liked that. She had a ridge  right above her nose that would krinkle when he made he laugh. He would live in that krinkle if he could. Maybe tomorrow he would find a bug to give her. One of those big green ones from the top of the tree. That could be their place. And the bug their sigil. That would be a life worth living.

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