The Levity in "Gravity"

It’s been a long time folks. Truth be told I was too lazy. But I have seen a film that spurred my interest and I promise to make this something I do again. Monday evening I have the pleasure of seeing “Gravity” in 3D. It was a white knuckle adventure that does not let up.... Read more »

Friday Free Write: "Shank" from Will B.

The kids would be here any minute. It was towards the end of the semester and all Mr. Bradley had to do was make it through two more weeks. Two more weeks and then he would be free for the summer. A summer of writing. Mr. Bradley was in his 30th year teaching and each... Read more »

Free Write Friday: "Patalone"

Free Write Friday is a weekly experiment where a story (personal or fictional) will be written by me in 20 minutes. Today’s suggestion was ‘pantalone’ from Spencer S.   His britches were tight. As Miles sat in front of the stage coach, his Lord and Lady in the carrige, he was struck with a quick... Read more »

Man of Steel and Meeting Audience Expectations

Hello there. Thank you so much for checking this blog out. Today is a special Father’s Day post; all other posts will be regularly scheduled for Tuesdays. Now on with the show. I saw “Man of Steel” on Father’s Day. And while as a comic book guy and all around nerdologist I had issues with... Read more »