If There is One Good Thing about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), This Is It!

Let’s face it. People are nasty!handwashing

But, with the Coronavirus pandemic upon us, people are now more diligent about deep cleaning, limiting unnecessary contact, staying home when sick, and washing their hands, and that’s a good thing. It’s a great thing actually, even though these are merely commonsense practices that people should be employing anyway, even when there isn’t a pandemic.

But, they don’t, and we know it. I have seen some nasty things out here that make me certain that people weren’t always being cautious and needed a reminder.

I have seen young children in stores take their thick, wet tongues and slide them across banisters, counters and grocery carts, all while locking eyes with me, daring me to say something to their unsuspecting mother. They lose every time. I tell.

I have seen teenagers eat chips or hot Cheetos or candy in a class, lick their fingers for that last bit of flavor, then type away on a computer keyboard, unbeknownst to the kid who will use that same computer the following period.

I have seen adults step out of a bathroom stall only to fluff their hair and walk past the handwashing sink as if their hands couldn’t possibly be dirty. Maybe they washed their hands in the toilet, I’m not sure.

And, we’ve all seen that sick coworker who is miserable, spray sneezing and hack coughing all over the workplace when they should really be at home watching daytime talk shows

This pandemic has everyone on high alert and ready with the judgmental side-eye for anyone who violates cleanliness protocol.

Even I needed a nudge. Just a week ago I had a light lunch with some ladies and I was so engrossed in the conversation that when the food came, I just ate. I forgot that I hadn’t washed my hands until after I was done. Now, I ate with a fork and not wet Cheeto fingers, but I was still freaked out a bit, so much so that my hands are chapped from doubling up on my hand washing efforts after that. I couldn’t believe that I had earned that same judgmental side-eye that I give on occasion.

Fortunately, I’m still here and healthy, and if you’re reading this, so are you.  We can all do better and this has made us more conscious of it. My hope is that once this thing peaks and subsides there will be fewer side eyes and more hand washing.

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